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 What is IDMR - Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research

I noticed a small office space that was recently used for a gathering of IDMR peoples. I did a little research but I'm curious if anyone has any experience with them.

I stopped by and asked a guy there working on the floor about their beliefs, one of them that was off was that we are all angels and that Adam was really not a man but God, and Eve was purposely decieved by and angel.

Bryan Reed

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 Re: What is IDMR - Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research

The Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research IDMR

Henry Kinley states he has received possibly the greatest revelation given to man. Through a vision he remodels the interpretation of the bible in a radical new way. The Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research claims to believe the bible but they don’t trust what we have today, saying it was not preserved, and will admit it is not inerrant (without error). It then has come under the unique interpretation of their founder Henry C. Kinley.

To their credit they teach salvation is by the Grace of Yahweh, through Faith; and not "Salvation by any Works of Righteousness," which we ourselves have done. However they have other stipulations that changes the meaning.

They teach that Salvation comes by only knowing and using the "correct" name, Yahweh and Yashua. One must study the pattern and symbolism of God's tabernacle. This Divine Pattern of the Universe was shown to Moses on Mt. Sinai, as well as to each of the prophets, and of course later revealed in a vision to their founder/prophet Henry C. Kinley 1931 in Springfield, Ohio.

This group was incorporated in California in 1958. They are not considered a Church but a school of research. Numerous schools have been established throughout the United States and in Canada, England, Jamaica, Nassau Bahamas and Trinidad. They have branches throughout North America, Europe and other foreign countries.

Their grandiose claims of, "He challenged everyone to make him prove this fact to their own satisfaction or not to believe anything that he taught. No one has ever been able, regardless of their religious or academic background, training, etc., to disprove anything taught according to this Divine Vision and Revelation."

"I have repeatedly declared and avowed that I, Henry C. Kinley, received a Divine Vision and Revelation in the Year 1931 just as Moses, Paul and other of the Prophets and Apostles and it was one of the most Panoramic and Stupendous visions ever given unto man…. with this Divine Vision and Revelation, I received power to foretell every world-wide event and happening and to heal all manner of physical illness as a witness to the fact -that I was caught up in the THIRD HEAVEN and saw things impossible for a man to utter." (p.3 From the book Elohim the archetype (original) pattern of the universe)

Kinley states he has received possibly the greatest revelation given to man, this after the fact the bible has been completed and Heb.1 states God speaks to us today through his Son not new doctrine by visions. Kinley clearly puts himself into the category of a prophet like those in scripture as well as a new Testament apostle so he should be judged as such as well. Unfortunately he does speak according to the words of the former prophets As Isa.8.20 says "to the law and the testimony if they do not speak according to this word they have no light in them."

What makes this more interesting is that another prophet who came long before Kinley received a similar vision and now has 11 million followers.

Only a few months after the Book of Mormon had been published and the church organized Joseph Smith received a revelation narrating the experience of Moses when he "was caught up into an exceeding high mountain, and he saw God face to face, and he talked with him."' This revelation ended: And now, Moses, my son, I will speak unto you concerning this earth upon which you stand; and you shall write the things which I shall speak. And in a day when the children of men shall esteem my words as naught, and take many of them from the book which you shall write, behold I will raise up another like unto you, and they shall he had again among the children of men, among even as many as shall believe.

These words were spoken unto Moses in the mount, the name of which shall not be known among the children of men. And now they are spoken unto you. Amen."

So many people have been deceived by supernatural visions not testing them in the light of New Testament revelation already revealed. So their followers are convinced to seek after the same and follow the man with the vision instead of the one whom the book speaks of Yeshua Ha Masiach (John 5:39)

Prior to receiving his Vision and Revelation Kinley was a minister in the Church of God for 15 years. After he saw the light, it "revolutionized" his whole concept about Yahweh-Elohim. Yet he knew that the world would not believe him so he prepared to demonstrate this new knowledge by using charts and illustrations from the vision he had seen and heard.

In 1961 he published God the archetype original pattern of the universe that was revealed through his vision. They believe a schematic, or blueprint was given for one to investigate the spiritual realm that Elohim is the "Original (Archetypal) Pattern of the Universe." He believes through this teaching of Elohim the Archetype Pattern of the Universe some have been raised from the Death bearing witness to the operation of the Divine Yahweh given Pattern. While the bible does have types and patterns however these are taken to the extreme or made to define clear doctrinal issues.

"As Yahweh, the Creator, was manifest in the flesh as Yahshua the Messiah … in the end of the dispensation of the Law, likewise, in the end of this dispensation of Grace, believe it or not (Hab. 1:5, Acts 13:41), He (Yahweh) is manifest in one, Dr. Henry C. Kinley, Founder of the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research, Inc. Dr. Kinley has made it known that: by the Law and Prophets (or the Old Testament, Scriptures, Isa. 8:20) is the only way to come to a profound knowledge of what Yahshua the Messiah was doing in the days of His flesh (three and one-half years), and to know Him in the Power of His Resurrection, and this only IS ETERNAL LIFE (John 17:3)."( the clergy has failed to warn their congregations, the shepherds have failed to warn their flocks website- this site shows how the teaching has affected those who join. However this is the official website www.IDMR.NET

This is very opposite of what the passage Jn.17:3 is saying, to know (by an intimate relationship) the only true God and Jesus Christ… not Mr. Kinleys interpretations or he being the Messiah. Contrary to all this "He (Yahweh) is manifest in one, Dr. Henry C. Kinley", further puts him not only in the category of a prophet, but equal to Yashua (Jesus) himself. This is with no more proof except their own rhetoric. Jesus made it absolutely clear that he would be seen coming the same way he left Acts 1:11. This is a sinful man declaring himself to be the Messiah. I find this no different than Rev. Moon or any other that is currently claiming this position. This means a false 2nd coming which Yeshua warned about, "many would come in my name, saying I am Christ in Mt.24. The saddening fact is that the followers ignore this or rationalize it away. Therefore fulfilling exactly what Yeshua said “many would follow.”

In fact by believing this his followers show that they do not believe the Bible. For it is explicit in Hebrews 9:27 “To those who eagerly wait for Him He will appear a second time, apart from sin, for salvation (deliverance)." This shows the same Yeshua who died will come again (justa as Acts 1:11 says).

Hebrews 7:23-24 “Also there were many priests, because they were prevented by death from continuing. But He, because He continues forever, has an unchangeable priesthood.” This is because he can never die again, but Kinley died. One should deduce from this fact alone that he was not an incarnation of Yeshua.

Heb. 7:26 “For such a High Priest was fitting for us, who is holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and has become higher than the heavens.” To die means one has the nature of a sinner.The fact is Yeshua himself said to John “I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore. Amen.”(Revelation 1:18) If you do not believe this you cannot call yourself a believer in the Bibles revelation.

Read more:

Looks like a cult to me.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Joined: 2011/4/2
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Lake Charles, LA


Thank you. It's very sad that some are easily lead into things like this. I was invited to attend the 'school'.

Bryan Reed

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There's no end to these sects, is there?

Thank you for the post.

When I first got a computer and was on a Theology Forum, I met "one of the 7 angels of the seven churches of the Revelation" - AND - "the two witneses", a husband and wife team that had a website with a following and nobody banned them. Oh my!

Thanks again.

 2011/5/17 21:14

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