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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Please pray for me, I lost my job, and it's very tough...

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 Please pray for me, I lost my job, and it's very tough...

I lost my job today because the company decided to go with a different system than what I work with so they decided to let me go. I cried my way home from work in a trance and have had a few hours to process it.

I've never been fired or 'let-go' for any reason in my life and so it's incredibly painful. Please remember me and my wife and children in your prayers.

I'm trying to stay positive and alert for what the Lord has for us next, He's so good, even when I don't feel it.

Please lift us up prayer warriors!

In Christ,
Earl J

PS On the way to work I was praying that the Lord would break me, guess what? In less than 9 hours I was broken like an alabaster box.

 2011/5/16 22:27Profile

 Re: Please pray for me, I lost my job, and it's very tough...

I'm sorry man. There probably are no words of adequate comfort which I can give to you that will make you feel any different, but it seems that you have no problem knowing in Whom your strength and security lie anyway. I'll be praying for you.

 2011/5/16 22:31

 Re: Please pray for me, I lost my job, and it's very tough...

Oh boy Brother - this is hard news but getting to be so common now. I'm very sorry but glad to hear such a good frame of mind coming out of it all. Bless you Brother Earl - GOD is Good - that much we know for certain. I suppose that's why He said to pray - "Give us this day our daily bread."
Living by faith is actually a wonderful experience - if that helps to know that - but it really is. To watch Him provide is the miracle time of our lives.
But I will be praying for you to find more work somewhere.
May His Presence be truly tangible and His provision be a blessing to you and yours.
He loves you all. Amen!

 2011/5/16 22:36

 Re: Please pray for me, I lost my job, and it's very tough...

Lol, Earl, don't you know God answers prayer? Are you crazy, prayin a prayer like that?!?!? Lol, just kiddin. You have more guts than i. I would never ask God to break me (but He already did it anyway). Be careful what you ask for!

I will pray for you. But don't worry. Like i told a Believing friend of mine who also was recently fired from his job: If God wanted you there (still) there would be absolutely nothing and no one who could get rid of you. Cuz when God opens a door, no one can shut it and when God closes a door no one can open it. I also recently was driven to the point of quitting my own job because i could not physically do it any longer and this is the same thing i told myself; if God wanted me there He would have enabled me to remain. But instead there was a pattern of signs God was leading or driving me out.

Use this time to rest, relax, spend time with family and unwind. Think of it as a vacation. Cuz God will place you where He wants you next and nothing will prevent Him when that time comes.

 2011/5/16 23:17

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Celina, Texas

 Re: Please pray for me, I lost my job, and it's very tough...

I too am sorry to hear of your lay off. While I write this to help console you, I must tell you that to even hear a man pray for brokeness is so incredibly humbling. Then to hear of a quick response from God that tests the man. Boy O Boy must Satan hate what is going down in your life! It is difficult being the provider and then something like this happens. We can take it too personally and see ourselves failures even though these things are totally out of our control. It is not in our nature to not work so be aware of being hard on yourself.

May God Bless you with a new opportunity.

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I will pray. Been there with my H in IS tough - no getting around it. What courage to pray to be broken! God will bless you - you'll see.....Praying....

 2011/5/16 23:51Profile

 Re: Please pray for me, I lost my job, and it's very tough...

When i got laid off, it was the worst of worlds but funny thing is you'll get used to it and you'll adapt like I did. The worst part is the shock when you first get laid off.

The actual fear is worse than the experience.

Be encouraged brother, according to the Bible, God disciplines the ones he loves.

you won't believe how resilient you really are.

 2011/5/17 5:46

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