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 Re: joseph prince vs. the Bible

I totally agree with Fisher61. You people are unbelievable! Have you really listened to ALL of Pastor Prince's sermons? Because as I can see, you only based it on a part of his sermons and then you judge him so quickly. If you really listen to his sermons you will know that he is against sin and he is not preaching false grace.

I have been in a large christian church here in Manila which preached more about sin and obedience, and that just chained me to my sins even more! Their preaching made me even more conscious of my sins that I can't focus on Christ. I always feel guilty because no matter how I try I just could not obey! But thank God for His faithfulness to me! I was blessed to worked in Singapore and be led at New Creation Church. There I was immersed with Pastor Prince's teaching of God's love for me and His abundant grace. i began to truly believe in my heart, and not just in my head, how much God loves me and cares for me and that He isn't angry with me just because I am a sinner and I have many times disobeyed Him willingly. That knowledge and awareness of God's love and grace towards me gave me the courage to break free from sins that has chained me for many years and to finally face my fear that has hounded me for 10 years. None of the christian teachings ( confessions, obedience) has broken my chains and has made me see Jesus' in all His glory and loveliness except Pastor Prince. His preaching of GRACE has truly set me free from the sins that has bound me for so long and it was effortless for me to follow what Christ's teachings are because I know that He loves me and I am now secure of my place in Him. Now I choose to obey because I love Him and not for any other reasons.

I was struggling with obedience and have issues with my sins before. I didn't know that in a snap, I could walk in the path of righteousness when I experienced God's amazing grace! I thank God for Pastor Prince! He was instrumental in enabling me to see Jesus as He really is--- full of grace and slow to judge. It's not repentance that will lead you to obey, my dear brothers. You can repent a million times and not change your life but if you understand and experience God's grace,that will enable you to step out in faith, sincerely repent and be truly a new creation. I have experienced it and Pastor Prince was used by God to liberate me from the shackles that bound me!

If you listen to his sermons, you will only see Jesus' being glorified in the pulpit, and nobody else. Yes, grace is free and it is costly, but you don't really mind "paying" because you know that Jesus' overpaid for you.

Please don't hinder the preaching of grace. It's the only thing that will set us free from every bondage that we have. Grace is the very nature of Jesus. I thank God for Pastor Prince. May the Lord bless him and his ministry more!

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I've met some guys like you here in Manila, Iseegrace. And I think you should be really discerning whether you're being led by Joseph Prince in a true grace experience or into antinominianism. I wonder if you agree with other guys here in Manila, that follows him, in affirming that we should no longer be confessing our sins whenever we sin, do you agree with that? Or do you agree with him that pastors should not be preaching against sin or giving warning about the judgment to come? If so then you're negating the Christian foundations on heb 6:1-2. Didn't also the apostle Paul, in the book romans, expounded the greatness of the grace of God yet at the same time reminds us there that we should consider "the goodness and the severity of God"? How about I cor 6:9-10, gal 5:19-21, Rom 6 and other verses about moral standards for Christians, was the apostle Paul legalistic on those verses?

It is also very noticeable that those who speaks of "grace, grace" nowadays doesn't have a desire to live a separated life from the sinfulness of world for the Lord. For example, one certain Church in taguig, which is a daughter Church of prince's church, is well known for it's worldly approach. They are known for mixing black eyed peas song to some hillsong songs just to be relevant to this world.

I just hope and pray that you'll be in a real deep considerations about his teachings in the light of NT preaching and epistles.

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