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 National Welsh newspaper: December 8th 1904, "Senghenydd and the Revival"

These newspaper articles are provided to encourage Christians throughout the world to pray for, and to live expectantly of, a new revival in our day and age. As a young Christian living in South Wales I avidly read these Western Mail accounts and visited the locations of the scenes described, and my heart leapt at the prospect that God would do it again. It is my prayer that you too will know such encouragement from reading these accounts. However, these articles were, for the most part, written by unconverted men, and read in isolation will give you a one-sided view of the revival. There is a danger of outright rejection that this was a move of God, or a blind acceptance of the emotional, with no spiritual discernment of the true, life changing work of Grace that rocked a nation. Either reaction would be a great loss to the furtherance of the work of God, so please read these few words with an open and a warm heart, and then be astonished and full of praise at the things our God did for the people of Wales in 1904.

DECEMBER 8th. 1904.


(By "Awstin")
The arrival of Mr Evan Roberts at Senghenydd on Wednesday was haled with joy by large numbers of people and the first gathering at the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, was a very impressive one. Bid before dealing with the details of the Senghenydd revival 1 must revert to the Caerphilly night service and take up the proceedings at Tonyfelin Chapel, where 1 left off in Wednesdays Western Mail. Viz., where Mr Evan Roberts left the unwieldy congregation to go to the Wesleyan Chapel and I followed in order to describe what took place in the midst of the new surroundings.

Well, the sequel is a remarkable one, and well worth reading. While conversion and the strengthening of conviction were going on at the other chapels, the service at Tonyfelin was carried on just as actively as if the missioner had remained. Miss A.M. Rees was, as usual, particularly energetic in all her round evangelistic work, and her quiet conversions with dozens of young men were remarkable in every aspect. Before the Rev., E. Bush left at midnight, the conversions numbered between 45 and 50, but on went the service, on and on, and before it was brought to a close the converts enrolled in that chapel alone numbered 63.

The answers to special prayers at Caerphilly were extraordinary in character and number. In one case a woman asked for prayers for her husband, who would not come to the meeting, and the man unable to sleep that night, came to the meeting and became a convert.

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 Re: National Welsh newspaper: December 8th 1904, "Senghenydd and the Revival&quo

How did all these posts get buried?

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