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 Evangelical Pastor David Wilkerson Honored for 'Well-Lived' Life

Thousands belonging to the immediate and spiritual family of David Wilkerson celebrated his life, legacy, and love for Christ at a memorial service Saturday at Times Square Church in New York City.

Speakers, including leadership of the church Wilkerson had founded and his relatives, honored the evangelical pastor for a life "well-lived" through personal testimonies and songs rejoicing that he is now in heaven.

"It was all about Jesus Christ," Carter Conlon, senior pastor of Times Square Church, said of Wilkerson's life. ...

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 Re: A memorable story from the David Wilkerson memorial service

As we know, the memorial service in Times Square church for David Wilkerson was held on Saturday. I watched and a lot of things stuck out to me but one I remember in particular is when it was shared that once some of David Wilkerson's four sons and maybe some grandchildren once asked hm if God was good then why there was so much hurt and pain and suffering and hunger and destruction and even genocide in the world. It's not an exact quote but Reverend David's reply was that,

"I've come to see that that those who complain the most about those type of things are usually the least inclined to do anything about it. I've stopped asking myself those questions anymore. I just know that my calling is that for as long as I can I am going to reach out to the hurt, the lonely, the hungry, the destitute and the lost. What they need is love."

David Winter

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 Re: David Wilkerson a life well lived

I watched the memorial service from New York...what a great testimony to the faithfullness of God in the life of his servant. Pastor Wilkerson's life was marked by prayer!
We could never overstate the importance of prayer. I worked at a Radio station in Ohio in 2002 and had the oppurtunity to talk with Pastor David Wilkerson in an interview on a book he had recently written at the time. We talked for about 20 minutes off the air and the last thing he said to me was, "If you stay in the secret place of prayer and stay in the book, you eill make it. But, if you neglect prayer and neglect the word of Gd you will not make it..."

I recorded a small clip from my son on prayer...i hope you like it.
God Bless!

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