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 God's provision vs Word of Faith

Hey folks.

A question for the good people of this forum:


There are many heretics in ministry today that propogate the name-it and claim-it theology. This is totally unscriptual as I'm sure most of you are aware.

I have heard it said that God will give us the desires of HIS heart, and then we will pray for these and He will answer.


I guess my questions are: Apart from the obvious - such as not asking for selfish things, how do I know if I am asking for the right things? And if I don't receive immediately, do I continue to ask or do I thank him for that which I have not yet received? Should I continue to ask if I don't receive?

Looking forward to some good input.

God Bless.


Nick van der Net

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 Re: God's provision vs Word of Faith

Having come out of the Word of Faith movement, thank God for his grace and mercy for opening my eyes, I struggled with this. I got this from John Piper and the example is praying for some ones salvation. After I pray on Monday for "John's" (made up name take no offence if your name is John) salvation what do I do on Tuesday. On Tuesday and ever day after i approach the petition like this. "Lord I thank you for what your doing in Johns life. I ask you to do those things today that will draw John to you. Glorify yourself in Johns life today"...There is an element of faith in what has been done and expectant faith in what he is still doing. It helped me hope it helps you some....though Piper is much better at explaining than me go to the source


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