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 "50 Things Every American Should Know About

The Collapse of the Economy."

For decades, David Wilkerson has warned about the economy.

I remember way back when, that I signed my unsaved family and unsaved landlord up to receive D.W.'s Newsletter in the Postal mail and I wondered, "How are they going to take this warning about a falling economy?"

I wish they had listened to him. One key member of my family lost 60% of his retirement in 2008 at the age of 90.
He had worked two jobs, all of his life to make sure he'd have enough to "not be a burden to his children when he got old." It kicked him in the gut, beyond words. I'll never forget how drained he looked the morning of his 90th Birthday party, that he had planned for some time, when he told me the horrid news.

Thank GOD for those who warned us in advance and are Still warning us to cleave to GOD in complete trust.

This article is just a warning to those who trust in the things of this world or are prone to some sort of blind optimism / wishful thinking - that isn't Biblical.
Only "give us this day our daily bread" type trust is Biblical.

I've never posted an economic topic - but I felt this was time enough, after reading so many good men of GOD warning US.

The Disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith. Amen LORD.

I like Psalm 46 :) - just for one.

Blessings from Above!

 2011/5/14 12:51

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