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 As states debate 'gay marriage,' consequences of legalization become clear

Three left-leaning states went in opposite directions May 11 on the issue of "gay marriage," the same day that the firing of a Canadian sports TV personality may have served as a warning against its legalization.

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, a Democrat, signed a bill legalizing same-sex civil unions, making the state the eighth to grant homosexual couples all the state legal benefits of marriage except the title.

In Rhode Island, the state House held a public hearing on a bill that would legalize civil unions, although it faced opposition from both sides -- from conservatives who view it as a stepping stone to "gay marriage" and from liberals who want nothing short of "marriage" itself. Three states have passed civil unions only later to adopt "gay marriage." ...

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 Re: As states debate 'gay marriage,' consequences of legalization become cl

Interestingly, no state has legalized the concept of "gay marriage" when it has been put up to a vote of the people of the state. This is even true in states like California -- where it was TWICE rejected by votes of the residents of the state.

Unfortunately, homosexual activists are engaged in a unrelenting campaign to thrust their views of sexuality upon everyone else. They claim that they want "equal rights" -- but it is something much more than that. They want to use legislation to PUSH their views of sexuality upon the entire nation in an effort to force acceptance of their lifestyle.

Ironically, they want the same "protected" rights as people of faith (in particular, Christians) -- yet they spend quite a bit of time attacking the Christian faith (which, ironically, is protected by the First Amendment).

This is the great, underlying hypocrisy of it all. Homosexual activists aren't after "equal" rights. Rather, they want their views to be the only ones that count.

Lately, Google has been running a massive advertising campaign regarding the acceptance of homosexuality. They are promoting an "anti-bullying" campaign in regard to homosexuality called "It Gets Better." This massively expensive campaign is supposed to be a response to a homosexual kid who committed suicide after he was supposedly bullied.

Google is located about 2-3 miles from my house. I called up and registered a complaint about the campaign. I said that I certainly think that bullying is wrong. However, I also said that people are smart enough to know that this campaign isn't just about "bullying" -- but about a push to make present homosexuality as acceptable in the eyes of individuals who might have cultural, religious, moral or even scientifically deductive thoughts about that particular lifestyle.

I explained to this Google public relations representative that I was going to stop using their products as a result.

She explained that if I didn't believe in bullying that I should embrace this ad campaign on behalf of the "It Gets Better" program. I rebutted that the ads do NOT simply promote a stand against "bullying" -- but the promotion and acceptance of a lifestyle that is in complete opposition to the morality of the Christian faith. I explained that it is condescending to be told that I am "homophobic" or a "bigot" simply because the sexual lifestyle of a small group of people is incompatible with my faith.

I also pointed out that this is more than just bullying due to the fact that Google has never waged a campaign about religious tolerance. Christians are persecuted on a daily basis in China -- and Google actually collaborated with the communist government there to block certain websites while also watching the online habits of the population (to monitor any "Christian" internet habits).

And, of course, Christians are the main target for the vile disdain of homosexual activists, abortionists, atheists and other religions. I asked this Google rep just why Google hasn't spent $150 Million on human rights campaigns on behalf of people persecuted for their faith. She was, of course, left without an answer.

I would urge other believers to avoid using Google products due to their attempt to push a particular view of morality upon the masses. If possible, you can contact them and let them know of your decision. It isn't that we are trying to "legislate" morality or Christianity by being vocal. Rather, it is an attempt to avoiding hiding our faith under a bushel (or religious bubble) and prevent the onslaught of immorality and unrighteousness in the place where we live in this short time that we are on this earth.


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