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Just found this Quote from the very earliest of the early SI days, by Ron:

"I have long had a suspicion that revivals may well be a sovereign manifestation of genuine regeneration and that what we call outpourings are really just normal Christianity.
The problem is that we have lived most of our lives in sub-standard Christianity and IT has become the norm."

That's what I was 'trying' to say.

Thanks Ron! :)

 2011/5/15 2:02

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So the face of Christianity may not be as much a wolf in the pin amongst the sheep but rather a sheep in the pin amongst goats. The question is will we really reconsider and test that which we have been brought up in. Culture, tradition, comfort, doctrine slanted by both? What is being said should be as an alarm in a burning building but all that is heard is silence and a rather faint smell of plastic burning as if a wire might have shorted. If it was true under such teaching that we hold to as solid, then how can we discount the current state absent of their warnings? Not that other men of our generation have not sounded the call, but I can honestly say that in my experience of the few that will even consider this relevant, virtually none have heeded the warning. There is a blindness and I guess that is indicative of the condition.

It is elementary that if this be the case, pretty much every effort is infected and will be greatly off the mark. That is done through a mans own effort yet with some form of believed authority from God. The mention of an evangelist who would come into an area and stay until the Lord moves is in sharp contrast to one who schedules a 3 to 7 day revival. Maybe it will be said that the one who is willing to stay does not trust God as much as the one who plans his 5 day devotion to a church of his affiliation? If that be the case, then enter the 5 minute testimony and the shallow prayer and let us put God to the test. Opps that is already a norm and how could it not be if men like Ravenhill have exercised true discernment. We have so much to learn.

Revival as regeneration? Anyone proposing that will have descended in rank from nut to lunatic. Oh no my brother, that will not go over well. I have never considered such a thing..................... but I will now!

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