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 Re: World net daily

I really have to ask this. How many people on this board consider this news site worthy of attention?


Anything, anybody, any word, that sows fear and confusion is from the destroyer, the devil.

fear is the polar opposite of Faith...if we "fear", we Fear God, and when we pray, pray the prayer of the disciples, "Increase our Faith!" amen.

 2011/5/13 11:55

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Ann Colture, she is a double edged sword. IMO her politics seems good BUT she lacks major skills in delivery.
She is too in your face with what she believes and it crosses the line of many. Does this stem from her time with WND? I want to say she learned it from WND but I can't prove it.

I have spread my news ship to all spectrums. I do a little of all of them. Conservative to liberal to get a balanced perspective of it all. This includes radio of which I listen to alot. Talk radio to radio programs with interviews of even small things that will probably not make the news.

Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity are all personalities who are making money and telling the conservative crowd what they want to hear in order to get a following. I don't listen to any of them personally, for specific reasons.


 2011/5/13 11:59Profile

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