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 Is Science More Real Than The Scriptures ?

Is Science More Real Than The Scriptures ?
In the natural scientist have done a great impact in bringing many natural practical truths in to a reality, which if was to be told by many some centuries ago will deny the possibilities. Think about telecommunications, airplane, computers, electricity etc. It is a marvelous achievement. The work stated so insignificant by different thinkers in all centuries, until today we see the practical reality. In their case it was trying and failing because there theories were written by the opinion of imperfect vessels in natural knowledge. Yet through great industry a lot is being brought in to a reality.
They never had a book of perfect theories to follow like we have our perfect book the bible written by the inspiration of the spirit of the Perfect God. True Scientific theories were written in nature by the hand of God, realized by few and brought forth in to a reality with the industry of such few thinkers.
Likewise the Bible is a book containing “theories” or doctrines about Man salvation or union with HIS creator. Scientific theories no matter how right they were did no good to the service of man until they became a practical reality. The same is true of all the theories or doctrines in the bible concerning the salvation of man.
The Holy Spirit is our great perfect “scientist” who is the only one to teach us the meaning of the doctrines in the scriptures and bring those realities in us.
Not many Christians see the need of bringing into a practical realities the theories or doctrines of the Bible in to a practical reality. They are just satisfied in knowing the right theory in the head. Apart from a tiny acceptance of some scriptural theories or doctrines which they affirmed as a need to be proof practically like the gifts of the spirit, water baptism etc the many others are just to be accepted in the head and nothing more as if our God is talkative like one of us who keep saying things HE mean not. Making science more real than the Gospel.
The Greatest Heresies.
Are you part of those that spend all there energy in searching heresy ? here is good news for you, you will find some here. See how we pervert the saying of Christ in our daily lives.
1. Christ said carry your cross to be my disciples, so that we will be HIS disciple without carrying our cross.
2. Christ died so that we will live where HE will have us die. He was resurrected so that we will die were HE will have us to be resurrected.
3. Christ was rejected by all on the cross so that we will be accepted by all on the Cross
4. Christ promised to send us the holy spirit to guide us into all Truth so that we will lean in our own spirit and understanding to know Truth.
5. Christ came to be all to us so that we can do all things without HIM within us.
6. Christ became the only way to the father so that we will find our way to the father without Christ within us and guiding us.
7. Christ forgive us and bear with our weakness so that we will not forgive and bear with one another weakness.
8. Christ love and care for us including the poor and the widows so that we will not love and care for one another including the poor and the widow around us.
9. Christ became our savior so that we will save ourselves .
10. Christ said marriage was to be like in the beginning so that we will deny this fact and support endless divorce and remarriage.
11. Christ words said HIS words in us are spirit and sure to produce Life in us so that we will deny this fact and claim it is the Letters that will give us Life which assignment is to point us to the Life giver.
12. Christ in HIS earthly days send HIS disciples to do might works through the gifts of the spirit in them and yet when HE ascended HE told them to wait for the baptism of the holy spirit so that today we can get HIS gift without the daily baptism of the holy spirit to overcome self.
13. God became a man like one of us so that we can never be like HIM in image and character when we claim HE is in us.
14. Christ prayed the will of God to be done on earth as it is done in heaven so that we will claim there are something’s God do in heaven which HE can never do in us while on earth, no matter what HE wills. Be it perfection or immortality all this we claim HE can only do in us when we die and go to heaven no matter How HE desire it in us.
15. Christ told us to be perfect because the one to make us perfect is perfect so that we will deny this fact and say it is not true.
16. Christ was sinless on Earth in HIS body so that we can never be sinless even when HE is in us while on earth in our body.
17. The scriptures said Christ in us is the hope of Glory so that we will claim to walk in HIS glory though HE abides and live not in us.
Now the words above points to how we contradict the scriptures in doctrine and practical Life. The world is waiting the Church to manifest this reality and the Holy Spirit is waiting for us to manifest this reality in us. When the Church manifest this reality then the world runs to the Church for solution, then can the Church point them to the only one that brings this reality? What an end of Sin, crime, broken homes, divorce in our communities as this Truth works in us.
The Gospel is more real than Scientific theories because not all there concepts are right. Do you agree? If yes prove it to the world around you in your communities.


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