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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : What will we do on Sun, 22 May, and after?

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Brumley Missouri

 Re: What will we do on Sun, 22 May, and after?

I believe that we are living in the last days of the church age or the time of the gentiles.
Christ could come for us at any time.

The bible says we can discern the times and the seasons but, not his coming. I believe it will be swift and unexpected.

Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 7:15-16. and Matthew 24:4-27 pay particular attention to verse 4&5, 11&12,23&24.

Pray that you will not be deceived, ever.

William Cato

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 Re: Bringing the list up to date

Bringing the list up to date:

False prophetess HeartSong of Sermonindex Forum

Joined the forum: 2006/9/13

Joined the false prophet(ess)list May 13,2011

She has posted nearly 2600 posts on this forum to date.

Here is her false prophesy:

"There is a date that the LORD has put upon my heart, and it is May 12th. While it may not be the end of the world, it will be the end of the world as we know it. While my flesh screams at saying such things, my conscience dictates that I must." 2011/4/30 at 11:43

She apparently knew the ramifications of date-setting prophecies as she added that last sentence, "While my flesh screams at saying such things, my conscience dictates that I must." This shows us that much more is being implied than a mere casual impression of a may-be thought. Apparently she knew the weightiness of saying such things on this forum and making them public. But like most false prophets of today she probably thought/thinks she could do so and get away with it and have it be forgotten.

She goes on later in this same thread to say:

"The sin of using the LORD's name in vain is not against other men, it is against God. It is a VERY serious offense, but only He knows the truth in the matter." -
false prophetess HeartSong from Sermonindex Forum

From her own mouth comes her own condemnation in that quote.

She remains unrepentant. Here is proof that she does.

Her attempt at self-justification through manipulation:

She says,

Last Tuesday, after phone prayer, things seemed to settle down for a bit. Now it would appear that they are heating up again. Please pray." - HeartSong 2011/5/10 at 11:47

She then asks this demeaning question to professing believers, "Do you believe that God answers prayer?" -
HeartSong 2011/5/10 12:56

Will she now tell us that she prayed and God relented?

Ironically she quotes satan in her signature -
"Do what thou wilt." - Satan

She has done just that. What she wills. That is her law.

How many others has she told things to claiming her lord told her so and so.

One poster on that same thread asks,

"What do you do with would-be prophets who so loudly make proclamations that never come to pass?"

"So, how do you react when someone makes a specific prophecy that doesn't come to pass?"

"Should there be a degree of shame or embarrassment associated with public false prophecies?

Sadly,as with Harold,some will come to her defense,as they try to slander the one posting this now.

HeartSong has been exposed for what she is, Harold is next.




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