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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : National Welsh newspaper: November 29th 1904, "The Revivalist at Treorky"

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 National Welsh newspaper: November 29th 1904, "The Revivalist at Treorky"

These newspaper articles are provided to encourage Christians throughout the world to pray for, and to live expectantly of, a new revival in our day and age. As a young Christian living in South Wales I avidly read these Western Mail accounts and visited the locations of the scenes described, and my heart leapt at the prospect that God would do it again. It is my prayer that you too will know such encouragement from reading these accounts. However, these articles were, for the most part, written by unconverted men, and read in isolation will give you a one-sided view of the revival. There is a danger of outright rejection that this was a move of God, or a blind acceptance of the emotional, with no spiritual discernment of the true, life changing work of Grace that rocked a nation. Either reaction would be a great loss to the furtherance of the work of God, so please read these few words with an open and a warm heart, and then be astonished and full of praise at the things our God did for the people of Wales in 1904.

November 29th. 1904.


Further proof of the extent to which the revival spirit has taken hold of Treorky and its neighbourhood have been furnished by many who have not only attended Mr Roberts successful meetings, but who have witnessed the remarkable progress of spiritual work which has marked the past few months- The great gatherings at Bethlehem on Wednesday afternoon, at Cwmpark Baptist Chapel in the morning, and simultaneously at Bethania, and the extraordinary prayer meetings held nightly at Noddfa indicate the intense earnestness which prevails, for all are not only well attended, but conduced with an energy which betokens the presence of real, active spiritual life. Before entering into an account of the meetings a few words must be said about the effects of the revival upon the community, for the effect is very apparent in many directions.

Perhaps the most prominent feature is the lessening of drunkenness, for the night marches of praying and singing seem to have induced a considerable number of well known drunkards to abandon their evil ways, and, in some instances to identify themselves with the religious movement. Instances of 'toning down' of the language of underground hauliers have been occasionally referred to, but a colliery official told me today that he had quietly, and unseen, watched a haulier while walking towards the pit bottom, turn aside more than once, and when at last he came up to him, found him praying fervently for forgiveness of sins of his past life, and he had been a somewhat notorious fellow.

In another instance I heard of a banks man who continually talks to his fellow workers at the pit top about religious matters, and of groups of three or four men praying together in their work places. But perhaps the most striking case is that of the master haulier who takes such a prominent part in the prayer meetings at Noddfa. Treorky. He was at one time a captain of the local football team, and in one of his public prayers he said the Lord knew that those who formerly took the leading part in football now led in the tug of war team for Jesus Christ- He is most inspiring, and takes part in these meetings every night. In one of his prayers he earnestly asked the Lord, "To come with us to Cardiff Square meeting" (meaning the open air meeting near the Cardiff Arms Hotel.).

Let them take the movement, the revival, they did not know how it originated., they had no idea how many had been praying privately for it, nobody knows how many Only the day of judgement will reveal it. Subsequently, remarking that the singing of one of the hymns was too slow for gratitude, he said, "there is a new life coming into wales now. Everything will be changed. Why? Because Wales is opening her door to receive the Holy Spirit".

It is difficult to deal with all these points, but the cheerful and the practical again predominated, and the meeting was an exceedingly interesting one in many respects. The public confessions were marked by a far larger proportion of quotations from scripture than those at any previous place that 1 have visited. The singing was excellent of course, it would be at Treorky, where there are so many trained singers who are closely identified with the revival movement, as they generally are with all good movements in the place. There was a larger number of local ministers of all denominations present, several of them taking part in the public confessions and the references included in the testimonies. The visitors present included the Rv., George Grubb, a well know Church of England Evangelist, and Mr M. Taggart, the gentleman to whom reference has been made in previous articles. The last named subsequently spoke at a meeting at Bute Square Chapel (C.M.) Treherbert. Bythe by, the converts at Bute Square Chapel numbered 37 on Tuesday night, 16 on Monday night and 3 on Sunday night, while the 149 of the Noddfa Baptist congregation at Treorky have since gone up in number to upwards of 170.

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 Re: National Welsh newspaper: November 29th 1904, "The Revivalist at Treorky&quo

There was a larger number of local ministers of all denominations present, several of them taking part in the public confessions and the references included in the testimonies.

Gotta love that...

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