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 Flooding from Mississippi river

I was just wondering how those who live in this area are doing? I know Ginnyrose is in Mississippi and there are some others here that live in these areas??? Been praying for the farmers as many of their crops are being destroyed as well as homes. It has been a difficult time for many in the south.

God bless you all

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 Re: Flooding from Mississippi river

Good call MJ - Lots of people are appreciating the prayer at this time regarding the flooding. Those living in the areas say, it will continue on through the summer or worse.
Gas prices going up, connected with the refineries along the river and it seems like termites in that, it's something most folks can't see, but it's doing damage nonetheless - as you mentioned farmlands as well.

There's tons of articles out there - but again, I think prayer is the right call for those affected or that will be. Someday we may appreciate other's prayers for our own area. Bless you!

 2011/5/11 7:55

 Re: Flooding from Mississippi river

my heart is turned towards those so suffering, in prayer, God bless you as well, dear MJ.

 2011/5/11 10:50

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The Mississippi runs south of here about 45 minutes. The flooding was really bad from what I hear. A levee broke in one of the towns even. But here we were only flooded in some spots, in the low lying areas mostly. But nothing too bad. I am not sure how the clean up down south is going though.


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 Re: Flooding from Mississippi river

maryjane, we live in east MS. We have tornadoes and hurricanes to deal with. Once every hundred years or so we may have a flood of catastrophic proportions. Thirty years ago we had a 'hundred year flood' - this is what the old folks called it, a flood that happens once every hundred years...don't know how they have that figured out unless they got it from the Choctaws.

The mess from a flood is NASTY. You have all sorts of water creatures get into your walls and stay trapped once the water goes down. And then they die and STINK! And the scum left from the water is almost as bad...As far as the cleanup goes, a twister might not be as bad...depends a lot of what kind of mess you prefer.

Yes, a lot of people's security has been shattered, especially the old folks. There will be a lot of opportunities for clean-up work for willing volunteers. The church shines when it comes to doing this. Come to think of it, I never heard of an atheist group coming into a disaster area and volunteer their time and resources to assist stricken folks....

Sandra Miller

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