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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Death Penalty For Being Gay: Uganda Kill The Gays Bill Soon To Be Law?

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 Death Penalty For Being Gay: Uganda Kill The Gays Bill Soon To Be Law?

Uganda’s infamous “Kill The Gays” bill, which would provide the death penalty for the “crime” of being gay, is about to become law, based upon current reports and the surrounding political situation in the staunchly conservative and Christian East African country. The bill has been debated in the Uganda Parliament for the past two days, and may come to a vote in the next 24 hours, which is when the current session of Parliament concludes.

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The bill is being seen by many in the western media as a diversionary tactic for a government attempting to regain control amidst an increasingly angry and rioting population — one that is extremely homophobic and anti-​gay, thanks in large part to American Evangelical groups, including The Family, that have infiltrated the country of 32 million people, 84% of whom are Christian.

Despite reports that the AHB’s author David Bahati has “conceded” to removing the death penalty from the bill, it remains in the bill’s current form. A surprise move calling for removal of the death penalty provisiuon by Bahati’s partner in the bill’s advocacy, Pastor Martin Ssempa, may have served to allay some concerns, but both Bahati’s and Ssempa’s moves may be chalked up to little more than grandstanding. What counts is what’s actually in the bill when it comes to a vote, most likely within the next 24 hours.

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 Re: Death Penalty For Being Gay: Uganda Kill The Gays Bill Soon To Be Law?

an increasingly angry and rioting population

32 million people, 84% of whom are Christian.

Somehow those two statements don't seem to collaborate well.

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The anger and rioting is not related to that hateful legislation passing through the Ugandan parliament. It's part of the political unrest common in countries with corrupt governments. The price of living in Uganda has been increasing out-of-sync with the rest of that part of Africa and the leader of the opposition in parliament, who contests the recent election results, has instigated protests which have, due to the anger of the hungry populace, become violent. Add to this police prone to violence, and cronyism amongst the rich government ministers, and you have lots of violence.

It isn't directly related to the anti-homosexuality legislation. Most common Ugandans with whom I've dealt don't care about that. It's the quest of a few prominent politicians, looking to cozy-up with monied American conservatives, and a celebrity-seeking pastor, hoping to gain in influence and power. I say this having dealt personally with some of these men.

There is nothing of Christ in the government's seeking to legally kill alleged homosexuals. However one thinks a government best should approach the issue, surely no one with an iota of the Spirit can condone this... or simply pass it over. The damage done to the name of Christ in East Africa by these glory seekers sets back the cause of the church by decades. God forbid this legislation pass and be acted upon!

 2011/5/14 18:14

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