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I ask for help, and He gave me brothers and sisters that are in Him and that makes me in them and them in me by He that is our life. God never fails, He might be late as I deem it but always on time for our best and making us more like the image of His Son. My soul is a flutter, and it skips on the high mountains as the hine and the dear and my heart is filled with love of Christ through you all. Now there is peace. Amen

Thank you and what a blessing, if we only ask and trust.

In Christ, your brother: Phillip


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 Re: Death expierence overwhelming fear?


I will pray for you friend that the Lord will help you in releasing you from this fear of death in your consciencness.

Gods word say's that it is appointed for man to die once. That is why Jesus came to save us from death of sin and became sin for us. So we can come before God.

Jesus Christ, build the bridge that gapped God from man and man from God. We now have the priviledge to have God in us...
Our hope of Glory! Amen.

I was like you not long ago until I had an encounter with God and with death. It was Febuary 20th 2004, when I was coming home from work.

I turn onto C highway from 17 hwy and I heard a shout "Stop!". It shook me. I felt and heard that shout go through my spirit. I believe if I had a passenger with me they might had had heard it too.

The sad thing about it was I didn't stop. I slowed my vehical down from 65mph to 60 mph.

A mile up the road I saw a big truck ahead they were turning onto a gravel road. THey were stopped with their turn signal on. While I was approaching I was 100 feet from them, they suddenly began making the turn onto the road. I was driving a small Ford ranger 1989 model.

I believe their truck was a Ford F350 4wheel drive with a winch and a mechanics bumper on the front. I slammed on my brakes and began skiddiing toward them. I remember trying to swerve for the ditch but the truck was locked up and not responding.

It seemed like I was watching in stills or power point as my truck approached theirs. I remember feeling a hand on my shoulder. It was a warm hand. I felt then like everything was going to be all right.

I remember hearing the metal and glass breaking but could not see what was going on. I didn't feel any pain. I didn't feel anything, until I fell back onto the bench seat. Then I felt a shock of pain like I never felt before.

My breathing was labored, I couldn't see out the wind sheild and then I just laid over on the seat in a fetal position. I laid there and prayed.

The fire department had to cut me out of the truck and then I was flown to the hosital.

I found out later that my truck was under the other. I didn't have my seat belt on and was thrown into the wind shield but not through.

After that day I know that more sure than before that we serve an awsome God. My fear of death has been destroyed.

I didn't have a beyond and back experience, but I had learned to listen to Gods warnings. Even in my disobiediance, God sent his angels and gave them charge over me in that moment.

Many people today are looking to be raptured from this life to the next escaping death. Let me tell you, we that are in Christ have already escaped death. When it is our time to go be with the host of Heaven we will simply close our eyes and go to sleep.

This doesn't mean that we won't suffer before, God will get you through that part if it comes.

The Apostle John suffered being dipped in boiling oil that would kill many men. Then he had to suffer with the pain and scarring from that incedent. God help him through it by his grace and the Holy Spirit. And he still wrote the book of revelation.

Christinyou, pray and study the scriptures. It is when we get to know the God of the Bible and not just the word of God that we are free indeed.

I hope this helps and I will pray for you.

William Cato

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 Re: Death expierence overwhelming fear?

I agree with the posters who posted an answer to your question...

I assume you may fear what others may that of being dead and found later OR having your body placed in a coffin and buried 6 feet under.

When Regina, our daughter, died, I knew she was NOT in that coffin and neither did we bury her. What was buried was the 'house' she lived in while here. She was gone, slap out gone. Cancer had destroyed her beauty and her body and personally, I would not be pleased to take something so ugly to heaven with me, and neither for her! In heaven God will give us a new body! WOW! Aren't you glad?? One that will not get sick or be afflicted with aches and pains nor show the ravages of time? Hey, we got something to look forward to! Just do not forget that the body you have now will be cast off just like the cicadas do in the spring.



Sandra Miller

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