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 Miserable Mothers Day

I'm a regular poster here and would like to ask for prayer from all of you, I'm posting this anonymously because I don't want to bring any dishonor to my mom.

I reached a point where I had to cut her off from my life in a scriptural way due to sin.

To be honest with you, I have been disobedient in this area and have tried everything else 'just love her back into the faith', 'don't condemn', you know, all of the stuff that doesn't work.

Finally, I'm doing what I beleive the Lord has told me to do all along and to be honest with you this has been the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life. I love my mother dearly and not being with her or around her is really casing great pain to my heart. I keep reminding myself that He has never lost a battle, and He knows what is best and I've cried (literally) out to Him for comfort but still suffer from the separation (as must He).

In a nutshell can you please lift me up in prayer today? I'm having a very hard time because I will not contact her or have contact her until she repents from the sin that she is entangled in.

To everyone who has less than pleasant memories of their parents, I know your pain intimately, my prayer is for you as well, KEEP ON RUNNING MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!

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 Re: Miserable Mothers Day

Oh my. This is quite the coincidence, as I was just studying Ephesians 6 last night.

I started to go deeper into "the armor" and realized that I never study a section of Scripture without getting the full context of the chpt or chpts that surround the selected verses.

I can't help but connect the first portion of Eph 6 with the remainder of that chpt about 'the armor'.

The first 3 verses of that Chpt stuck out to me and that is what I mean by 'a coincidence' and I meditated on the Holy Spirit's purpose for including that command just before He spoke of our armor.

My life has been one that has caused some to question why I would be so devoted to my one parent, at this time in my life and I can only say that, it is entirely The LORD's will that I honor and even, within Scriptural principles, obey, though they're unsaved.

When our parents are not saved or in a backslidden state, we're to treat them with the same love and desire for their salvation as we would anyone else that we should be ministering and witnessing to.
There's no exceptions in that commandment.
Sometimes we need to imagine - How would we feel if they were suddenly gone - If they died tonight?
Would we feel that we had listened to Him on how to treat them? I ask myself this very frequently, to keep myself in check. My whole family needs Jesus, with only one other exception - one of my nieces.
I need to put all of my personal hurts aside and always & only focus solely on seeing them in Heaven for Eternity, Amen!

My heart aches for you as well. I understand pain very well.
I will also be pleading with our GOD and Saviour for Him to speak to you personally - and that what you hear will be without condemnation of any sort.

He loves you and He loves the world as well.

I pray He helps us both to show it to them. Amen, and Amen.

 2011/5/8 18:58

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 Re: Miserable Mothers Day

I just realized that I made this thread without mentioning that you please pray for my mother, that is more important! Thanks!

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hi, the reason why there is a commandment to honor your mother and father is because God knew that some mothers and fathers do not deserve honor.some are in prison, some have drug habits so bad that they did not feed their families properly, some have even molested their own children...we honor them not for their sakes but for ours. so that the roots of bitterness,anger,hurt etc. do not grow within us and choke off our lives.jimp

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I will be praying for both you and your mom. I can relate and I know how painful this is for you. Trust in God and keep walking in HIM. Even though it is difficult you are doing the right thing to walk in HIS will for you in this situation. As hard as it is because you love your mom, you have to obey God and HIS leading above all else. I just wanted to encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus and know HE loves your mom even more then you do so don't give up hope!

God bless

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 Re: Miserable Mothers Day

The stats say that the probability of an older person repenting is nil. But God is not subject to statistics, PTL! God can still work to bring about events that bring old stubborn people to himself.

In the meantime, allow this estrangement to minister to your spirit, asking God what He wants you to learn from it and He will show you. If nothing else, he may want you to learn patience! and trust! Ever heard of anyone who never needed any more?


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Miserable Mothers Day

First of all.. I respect you for posting anonymously and the reason why ..not to dishonor your mother.

When you say:
I reached a point where I had to cut her off from my life in a scriptural way due to sin.....
I can understand these words and the pain behind it very well.
So I surely I pray for you! And for your Mother!
Know the Lord loves you!

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