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so ah, Greg, when do you think you will preach open-air? :) ;)

 2004/12/12 9:11

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


so ah, Greg, when do you think you will preach open-air? :) ;)

Hmm I wouldn't say thats a good question.. perhaps a tricky one. I am not a person to use props and what not so I would have to do it with solo voice. I was reading a biography of George Whitefield and it has me so fired up I really want to just go out there and be able to preach to a mass of people. I have to be patient for Gods will and His gifting for the circumstances also. I do feel I will have opportunities quite soon.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2004/12/12 11:14Profile

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 Re: Open air preaching

Jon and Miles, you guys are awesome! Your posts are great testimonies. Jon, yours about being unsaved although being a pastor-- what a story. We're watching your progress and praying with you.

You can get gospels of John free to distribute at [url=]The Pocket Testament League[/url]. Rocklife first told us about this. I've given away almost all of my first order! Next, I may have to try reading from The Message Bible in public... do you think a middle-aged mom could swing that? Catherine Booth and her daughters did a lot of singing but I don't know if they preached in public. What do you think? Oh, my poor husband and kids, what they have to cope with :-P

Mrs. Fred

Mrs. Fred

 2004/12/13 21:06Profile

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Justin, TX


Mrs. Fred,

I am pretty sure that Catherine Booth preached. Go for it.

Greg, I know you will preach open air one day, but the sooner the better. All that the props do is draw a crowd, and if you have no crowd, you have no one to preach to. Even Spurgeon used props from time to time; I heard of a coffin he used with a mirror in it--an effective illustration that Miles and I have talked about replicating. But the style is not important; it's the substance that counts. Develop the message and then take it to the streets. And let us know when you do so we can pray for you.



Jon Speed

 2004/12/15 8:54Profile

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I've read that Catherine Booth preached the gospel in public as often as her husband did! Go for it, Mrs. Fred! My family hasn't quite gotten used to the idea that I open air preach, and they haven't seen me yet, either. I think they are more comfortable not having to actually see it done! ;-)


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