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 pastor David Pawson 's conference May 13-20

pastor David Pawson's conference
Israel and the Church in the end times with David Pawson May 13-15
David Pawson Teaching Seminars May 16-20

This conference will focus on the end times and specifically the place of Israel and the Church in the unfolding drama. Scripture emphasizes the dynamic relationship between the end-time outpouring of the Spirit on the worldwide Church and God’s plan for Israel’s salvation. God wants the Church to stand with His purposes for Israel and the Jewish people, both in the land of Israel and outside of it, declaring, “You are not alone.”

The Bible exhorts us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. But what does Scripture say about the future of Jerusalem and the will of God concerning His covenant people today? How do we pray effectively in the midst of trouble and controversy in the Middle East? It is essential that we, as Gentile believers, understand what God is doing and what He requires from us in response. One of Israel’s greatest needs is for the Church to mobilize 24/7 worldwide intercession for the release of Jesus’ power upon Israel.

David Pawson Teaching Seminars

We are honored that David Pawson, the keynote speaker at our Israel conference, will be staying in Kansas City an extra week to teach a series of seminars at the FCF auditorium. All are welcome and admission is free (no registration is necessary).

David Pawson is widely considered to be one of the world's finest Bible expositors and prophetic preachers. David earned a master's degree in theology at Cambridge University and has preached for over sixty years in England and around the world. He is the author of multiple best-selling books and preaches boldly in his uncompromising declaration of end-time truths. David's teaching often addresses deep and complex theological end-time issues related to God's love in the midst of human suffering. His teaching on the book of Revelation and the second coming is unique in its depth of understanding. David also has compelling understanding of Israel, the Holocaust, and its relevance to the end times.

David will teach a new series each morning entitled The Uniqueness of Christ: The Wonders of HiStory, covering the conception, birth, death, burial, resurrection, ascension, return, and judgment of Jesus. David will also speak each evening on various topics rected=1

 2011/5/3 21:52

 Re: pastor David Pawson 's conference May 13-20

Saturday Morning 5/14
The Church and Israel – David Pawson

Friday Evening 5/13
Habakkuk (Part 1) – David Pawson

Friday Morning 5/13
The End Times – David Pawson

Friday Morning 5/13
Israel in the End Times – David Pawson

tonight Saturday 7:00pm David Pawson Habakkuk (Part 2)

Sunday, May 14
8:30am David Pawson 5/14
10:45am David Pawson 5/14

if people do not repent, will Islam Take Over Britain ?
how about USA, if we do not repent ?

his preaching on book of Habakkuk, it is so awesome !!!

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 2011/5/14 16:13

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