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 Jewish Resistance to the Gospel by Art Katz

Jewish Resistance to the Gospel (2 Parts) by Art Katz

Topic: Jewish
Description: Art gives an insight into Jewish resistance toward Jesus, the gospel and the faith. Includes comments on the Torah, the Talmud, and Judaism (both rabbinic and messianic). A 2004 message.

Part 1

Part 2

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 Re: Jewish Resistance to the Gospel by Art Katz

Thank you for pointing out these messages by Art Katz, Jeremy.

In the first part he tells a story that often came back to my mind: an older Jewish lady came to the Lord after hearing about Art through one of his books. Her son had giving it to her after witnessing Art's apparent failure to face the rabbis in a New York university(?). He was astonish at how someone could get so beat up for simply sharing what he believed and not retaliate. From all "human" perspective this encounter with the rabbis was a total failure but God used it to bring one Jewish lady to Himself.

Too often we look at the apparent reality either from the outside (circumstences, acknowledgement/reproof from people, etc.) or the inside (feelings, reasoning, etc.) while God wants us to looks at the Truth, the Word, His Son: Jesus.

Benjamin A.

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