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 Zac Poonen on David Wilkerson's Death.

Dear brothers,

Many believers have a question (sometimes unasked) as to how God could allow a faithful servant of His, like David Wilkerson, to leave this world through a car crash.

My answer is:
We do NOT know all the facts concerning the accident and so we must not judge by what our ears have heard or by what our eyes have read. Jesus Himself never did that (Isaiah 11:3).

We DO know however that David Wilkerson was a genuine, man of God. He was certainly the one I respected the most in the USA. We also know that "the death of godly men is precious in the sight of the Lord" (Psa.116:15).

In David Wilkerson's last blog (on the very day of the accident) he had written: "In that darkness you will hear the Father whisper, 'I am with you. I cannot tell you why right now, but one day it will all make sense. You will see it was all part of my plan. It was no accident. It was no failure on your part. Hold fast. Let me embrace you in your hour of pain.'"
Those words seem to be prophetic. I believe God embraced David Wilkerson in his hour of pain - and that (as he wrote there) this was "no accident" in God's eyes.

Godly people will always seek to put the best construction on events that they do not have full details about. And even when we think we have all the details about an event, we still may not know ALL the facts. We must all be humble enough to acknowledge that. So it is best to leave such matters with God. "The secret things belong to the LORD our God. Only the things that are revealed belong to us" (Deut.29:29).

We should all kill our curiosity about matters that are hidden and unknown.

David Wilkerson was a great evangelist and a prophet - a unique combination of gifts that is almost never seen in the church. He was a new-covenant prophet and not an old-covenant prophet. Many believers do not understand the difference between old covenant prophets and new covenant prophets. Old-covenant prophets were tested by whether EVERY ONE of their prophecies were fulfilled EXACTLY AS SPOKEN (Deut.18:22). New-covenant prophets however are given by the Lord to the church to equip the saints to build the Body of Christ. This is stated very clearly in Ephesians 4:11,12. So new-covenant prophets prophesy primarily to challenge people to repentance - exposing un-Christlike attitudes in their hearts (as we read in 1 Cor.14:24,25). If however such new-covenant prophets speak occasionally about future events, according to their understanding and discernment of certain situations, they may be mistaken, since we all "see through a glass darkly" (1 Cor.13:12). But that does not take away from the fact that they are still new-covenant prophets.

We should all thank God for the example of such a man as David Wilkerson - who lived a godly life until the very end, had such a uniquely anointed ministry, and who stood for the truth uncompromisingly until the very end of his life. Let us consider his example and follow him as he followed Christ (1 Cor.11:1).

"Remember your former leaders, who spoke God's message to you. Think back on how they lived and died, and imitate their faith." (Hebrews 13:7 - Today's English Version)

Your brother
Zac Poonen

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 Re: Zac Poonen on David Wilkerson's Death. was my introduction to brother Zac Poonen. I have now listened to 30+ of his messages and have taken frequent delight in the helpful insights that he has discovered and shared. These shared insights have closed more than a few gaps in my understanding.

This written message by brother Zac is very relevant to its purpose. Brother Zac's distinction between prophets of the Old and New Covenants was very helpful to my understanding on the passing of David Wilkerson.

When a great person dies, I am often reminded of Jonathan Edwards' sermon: God's Awful Judgment in the Breaking and Withering of the Strong Rods of a Community (based on Ezekiel 19:12)


How many great evangelists, prophets, and intercessors have now passed during our lifetimes! Their passing is a great loss and even a judgment upon us who remain. How earnestly we all ought to seek to develop and use our gifts and our opportunities to fill in for the gifts and lives of them that have passed.


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 Re: Zac Poonen on David Wilkerson's Death.

New covernant prophets do also speak future.
book of revelation and acts 11:28

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 Re: Zac Poonen on David Wilkerson's Death.

It is a sad day. We have lost a Brother, teacher of the faith and prophet of our time. My heart breaks for his wife, family and church famiily and partners.

Thank you Zac for posting this here. God Bless.

William Cato

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 Re: Zac Poonen on David Wilkerson's Death.

Yes we have lost a genuine and godly leader from the body of Christ.

Thank you Br.Zac for answering the probing question many believers have in their mind and it is an unasked question for most of them.

In Him

Shibu Clement

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 Re: Zac Poonen on David Wilkerson's Death.

Just watched this tribute to Brother David:

Note his one-minute autobiography from 07:12-08:21 in the video. You will probably weep as I did.

Santosh David Poonen

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 Re: Zac Poonen on David Wilkerson's Death.

Brother Zac is coming to Canada -

Jeremy Warren

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