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Folks, I have a question and maybe someone can give biblical guidance on it. How do we deal with promoters of heresy and those that cause division over non-essentials on this forum. I know that we should begin by trying to be as respectful and gentle as possible while reasoning with them regarding their heretical views. But at some point Scripture seems to indicate that rebuke is needful, and then finally cutting off or ending disputes by going your way. Titus 3:10 exhorts, "A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject;". I guess we have to try to be sensitive to the Spirit.


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Oracio, I believe the context of the scripture would apply to the Church, this is not a church and so I am guessing privately messaging them and if there is no resolve it would actually be up to Greg and the other Moderators to determine what needs to take place. I will note not everything you feel is heretical will be deemed as such by the Moderators because they keep in mind various points of views and beleifs of others even if to their understand it can be "heretical" so it would be up to them to do something if you have any concerns I would speak with them about it and they are more than capable of making the call on what to do, since that is what they are here for.

Notice the thread with the Atheist didn't get shut down? Its because there wasn't any major problems and fruitful discussion was taking place. But again any concerns can go to Greg and his team of Moderators. I hope that helps :)

Matthew Guldner

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Joined: 2007/6/26
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Whittier CA USA


Thanks Matt, very helpful indeed.


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This is a link to an excellent sermon by Keith Daniel to explain the double nature of righteousness imputed and righteousness imparted from Christ to the believer.



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Who is the only true righteousness One? If righteousness is to come forth from a regenerated and born again new creature, it must come from the righteous One that is in me.
It may come through my personality but it will be the works of Jesus Christ and His righteousness, that is the only true righteousness. God is not looking to make me righteous, He has already done that by Putting His Righteous Son in me. So James is right, I will show you the faith of Jesus Christ in me by His works of righteousness coming for as fruit, true fruit from the Vine Himself. He is my righteousness. This is given or imparted by the power of God in the Seed of incorruption and resurrection life in Christ, the life of Christ in me.

The Holy Spirit is conforming me to this righteousness and when this incorruption puts on incorruption on resurrection day, that Image will be complete, it is complete in Spirit and being completed line upon line and precept upon precept in my daily walk in the Holy Spirit Teacher of this Christ that is in us. My mind is being conformed to the Mind of Christ which we have in us by His Spirit. Who has delivered us, who is delivering or doth deliver, and who will deliver? Christ is all and in all, my only righteousness. Who only can give eternity in the Fathers House as a son? Who only can give eternity in hell. It takes and act of Love to be a son, that is what will keep me forever learning throughout all eternity who God our Father is and His Son Jesus Christ. Praise God we have the Holy Spirit forever in us that we will always be learning God.

In Christ: Phillip


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hello brothers im new to this site ,,and i can see mosty of you have more knowlage so i stand to be corrected

when it comes to two natures ,,i know brother like paul washer dont believe in two natures ,,,

i would assume that people are talking about the flesh ,,that we as christans still neeed to kill daily by his grace

if we call the flesh a nature ,then we must still have two natures , other wise we would never sin again or grow cold ,,,,,,,,but i think we all still do that dont we

if we say we have know sin the truth is not in us

i love paul washer but he defines certaint things different from me

i think we need to define what exacly two natures means

so we no what the other means

but we all know we are new creations in christ ,and behold old things have indeed passed away

we have a new nature that is dominant ,praise god

and we have the power in this nature to crusafie the flesh ,thank god for that

i have never met herd of a bornagaing christan say that he has fully over come the flesh ,and now is perfect like christ ,and has no sin ,,,,,,does any one here say that

speaking about losing our salvation ,,,,i believed icould for 7 years and lived in fear

but truly perfect love casts out all fear of damnation i believe

the fear of god ,,is not the same as fear of damnation

can a true christan lose salavation ,,can he be elected to be conformed to the image of christ ,and yet lose that election,,,,,can he go out from us and yet still be of us

or is what the apostal john says literal

they went out from us BECAUSE they were not of us ,for if they were of us they would have continued with us ,but they weny out from us that they might be made manifests that they were never of us

what is john saying

he who continues in sin ,has neither seen god nor has he knowen god

can somone realy see god and realy no god ,but apostasise

i believe the letter of john says no he cant
but as the gospple of john says

my sheep here my voice and they follow me ,and i give to them eturnal life ,and they shale not perish ,neither shal any one pluck them out of my hand

i believe when paul is speaking about being grafted in to the vine ,and for some to fear that they may me cut out

he is direcly speaking to those who have tasted of the haevenly gift but are not yet truly bornagain ,,,this is why he is saying that they must fear god

a person who is born again ,already fears god ,that was the main part of his conversion

but those who dont fear god are not yet saved and have no wissdom ,for fear is the begginning of thus

i believ we need to relise who the letters are writtern to in the new testament

believers who are bornagain through faith , god deals each one a mesuser of this faith

those that are elected to recieve this faith but havent yet but do believe and are being drawen by the father to come to christ

those that are false profesors of this faith ,but may or may not recieve this faith ,some are being drawn other are not ,,for god knows ther heart ,and may not waste his spirit drawing grace on those who he chosses

so i believe we need to rember the contex in which the letters are writtern ,,

in doing this these is no contradiction in the letters

well none that i can see ,,,and this seems to explaine much , of why there are warnings

a person who is drawn by the father ,is partaking in the heavey gift and the poweres of the age to come ,,but it has not taken root in his heart ,similar to judas

thes people have never submited fully nor forsaken them selves so they are not fit to be called a true deciple

these are they that are the luke warm ,and if they do not repent they will be spewed out from the mouth of the creator

im still learning about this so i wont pretent to know exacly how to explaine this doctrine

but i do rejoyce in this knowlage ,,,but for years i was in fear of losing my salvation ,,and that faer was paralising my walk with god , as ababy elect still living in sin ,the warnings acts as a motvation tool to repent but as one grows strong in faith ,faith will cast out that fear becasue fear involves torment
but as we know ,,he who is born of god keeps him self ,and the evil one can not touch him ,, satan can not enter us ,,like satan entered judus

bless you all brothers be strong

and the unbelievers

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