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Beautifully and respectfully done. My testimony is very similar to yours. Glory to God for these godly men & women that help keep us on the straight and narrow path and in His ways. Forever grateful.

Bless you Brother as we abide in HIM!

 2011/5/7 16:54Profile

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Thanx...and God bless!

 2011/5/9 1:32Profile

 Re: Rev. David Wilkerson Killed in TX Car Crash

A great man. This news should have made the front pages of every American newspaper, but because he did not hobnob with the rich and famous like some other "evangelicals" his passing is ignored by mainstream media. I used to get his newsletters many years ago and they were very good even if i did not always agree with everything he wrote. I am saddened by his passing.

Ironically, an aunt of mine also in her 70's was killed (murdered actually) in a similar head-on collision this winter also down in Texas. But in her case it was by a drunk driver.

 2011/5/11 21:36

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