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 A Burning Question

As we mourn the passing of one of God's choicest servants for this generation a question came to mind. Who is mourning for the
martyrs???? Is anyone aware that over 180,000 precious saints have passed into eternity in recent years? Just recently a young man's martyrdom was posted yet only a few responded to that post. I have noticed that when the moderators post issues about the persecuted there is very little response on that thread. Anybody want to dispute this? If I were to post a thread about the superiority of the NIV over the KJV there would be all sorts of anger and outrage over modern translations. Yet this forum is strangly silent in matters of the persecuted. Anyone dispute this? I ask the readers where is your outrage over the shipping containers in Eritrea? Where is your outrage over the death camps in N Korea? Where are your cries of grief and anguish for Aasia Bibi and Yousef K. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Has anyone heard of the persecuted church? Does anyone have the courage to dispute me on this thread? Please do. Please get angry with ne. Then I know I am provoking you to think. What I do fear is your silence. Does anyone have the courage to speak and stand for the petsecuted? Am I the only one that burns with this issue? I invite any man of woman to dispute me and prove me wrong. But please do not be silent for those who suffer for Christ.

 2011/4/28 8:05

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 Re: A Burning Guestion

That is because more people have followed Davd Wilkerson through his sermons and round abouts and feel a bond with him whereas someone from overseas that is martyred is known from a distance. The bond isn't as close.

Does that make sense?

just like sports and the military. Military is doing a much more life changing job for our country but more people are intuned with sports people and their doings then the specifics of military combat hence, the bond is closer with sports than the military.


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 Re: A Burning Guestion

I stand convicted by your post. I do not burn with this issue. I am having intense persecution within my own family right now. It is all I can handle. It is what God has called me to. I can't speak for anyone else, but when I see a post like you are mentioning, I do stop to pray, but don't always have time to write a response. Even those asking for prayer, I don't always have time to post, but I do pray. I have noticed the same thing you are saying with very few views. I notice the same thing on the devotionals. I think human nature easily gets drawn into debate. That is sad. But I also believe that perhaps God burdens different ones of His children with different things. We are only given so much energy and so much time in our sphere of influence. I do thank you for your challenge. I have received the Voice of the Martyrs newsletter for years and am moved by the vast difference in living the Christian life out in persecuted countries vs. lukewarm America. But I do not burn...Thank you for your post...

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