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I haven't been able to post to this thread when it was posted because it just didn't seem true to me at first.
I just can't understand what happened. It's not the way that I would have expected a man of his calibar to go and to leave a wife in the ICU on top of it. It's just all very hard to make sense of any of it. Maybe it's just part of the denial stage - because he's been around since we first became part of the Church, but I feel it goes deeper than that. I just felt it was 'un-timely' for some reason. That too could be part of the denial phase - but nevertheless - it's just not what I expected. I suppose shock is the only word to describe what I'm still feeling, even after these hours of trying to read anything I can about it, to make some sense out of it all. Just shocked beyond words is the only way I can describe how I feel and totally confused by it all. Just praying for Gwen & family and that's about all that I can do. Anything more just freezes up the mind. I just don't understand why he would go that way? Maybe Carter Conlon can make some sense out of this all. I surely can't.

 2011/4/28 3:51

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Oh God, thank You for such a man of integrity and example!

Brother David was one of my inspiration in night outreach that I have for street kids that are addicted in sniffing solvent here in the Philippines.

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Haven't posted on Sermon Index in years, but as soon as I heard that David Wilkerson has died, this was the first place I went to.

His sermons were always thought provoking and challenging, and although it is definitely sad news, his life and work will continue to change lives here on SI and he is now with the Lord which is far better.

Will Schmidt

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Simply speechless after learning of this late last night.

I think it is a time to reflection and just silence.


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 Re: The Passing of David Wilkerson

We that loved and honored David Wilkerson are saddened by this shocking news of his departure to glory.

Praise God for this man of God. He lived what he preached. I know that God used him to keep me in balance over the last 35 years.

The Body of Christ was made so much richer because this man declared the truth in love. He will be greatly missed by all that were touched through his writings and books.



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David Wilkerson was an encouragement to me. I'll look forward to seeing him again one day.

Taylor Otwell

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David Wilkerson has been one of the most influential Christian Pastors in my life.

It was his books and sermons that brought a fire to my spiritual walk with the Lord.

I remember going to NYC in 1988 when Times Square church was one year old how on fire that church was for the Lord.

He will be missed but we all will die someday and go with the Lord and await the resurrection. Another saint to look forward to spending eternity with. What a glorious day that will be!

Thank God for pastors and preachers like David Wilkerson. May God raise up more men who have a fire and a love for God like he did.


Doug R

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amen, me too...I'm just stunned


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Hard to believe.He was such an encouragement.Lord i thank you so much for this godly man.


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This is a day of sadness for a prophet of God that God used mightily in this last generation.

"The life of David Wilkerson has touched and blessed me tremendously in my walk with Christ. May His legacy "in part" live on through the sermon materials of his here on"

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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