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 Obama Releases ‘Long-Form’ Birth Certificate

HAPPY? will this satisfy Frankie Graham and Donny Trump?

April 27, 2011
Obama Releases ‘Long-Form’ Birth CertificateBy MICHAEL D. SHEAR
WASHINGTON — The decision by President Obama to release his “long-form” birth certificate on Wednesday injected the president directly into the simmering “birther” controversy in the hope of finally ending it, as aides said, or perhaps even turning it to his advantage.

The gamble produced dramatic television, as Mr. Obama strode in to the White House briefing room to address, head on, a subject that had been deemed irrelevant by everyone in his orbit for years but had nonetheless figured in conservative efforts to undermine his legitimacy.

Mr. Obama’s comments risked elevating the discredited questions about his birth. But they also allowed him to cast his political opponents as focused on the trivial at a time when the nation is facing more important issues.

The fact that much of the recent focus on where Mr. Obama was born has come from Donald Trump, who says he is considering a run for the Republican presidential nomination and who spent the day campaigning in New Hampshire, allowed the White House to use Mr. Trump as a foil, and present the president as a more serious leader than his potential rivals in the 2012 campaign.

“We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers,” Mr. Obama said, a clear reference — though not by name — to Mr. Trump.

False accusations about Mr. Obama being born abroad — and the implication that his election was therefore invalid — have percolated on the Internet and among conspiracy theorists since the early days of his presidential campaign, when aides distributed a shorter version of the birth certificate, the version that officials in Hawaii normally give out.

But White House officials concluded about a month ago that the falsehoods had moved from “the nether regions of the Internet” into the mainstream political arena, in large part because of Mr. Trump, the real estate developer and reality TV host who has used the matter as a media magnet.

In remarks to reporters on Wednesday, Mr. Obama noted that such “silliness” had dominated news coverage during the week when the Republicans released their 2012 budget proposal and Mr. Obama gave a speech on the nation’s debt.

“This is going to generate huge and serious debates, important debates,” Mr. Obama said of those issues. But he added: “We are not going to be able to do it if we are distracted. We are not going to be able to do it if we spend time vilifying each other. We are not going to be able to do it if we just make stuff up and pretend that facts are not facts.”

Aides turned back suggestions that Mr. Obama’s appearance at the press briefing was intended to draw attention to Mr. Trump’s allegations, and thereby accentuate the contrast between the president and his likely Republican challengers.

White House officials said it would have been more politically savvy to let Republicans go on questioning his birth certificate, since doing so was likely to appeal only to conservatives whose votes Mr. Obama is not likely to win in 2012 anyway.

“It would have been in his — probably in his long-term political interests to allow this birther debate to dominate discussion in the Republican Party for months to come,” said Dan Pfeiffer, the White House communications director. “But he thought, even though it might have been good politics, he thought it was bad for the country.”

The long-form birth certificate, which is posted on the White House Web site, shows that Mr. Obama was born in Honolulu; it is signed by state officials and his mother. It differs from the commonly issued short form by including the name of the hospital and the signature of the attending physician.

The state of Hawaii does not normally release copies of the long-form certificates, but it did so in this case in response to a specific request from Mr. Obama. Aides also released copies of the letters that the president wrote to Hawaiian officials.

In his nnews conference Wednesday morning, Mr. Trump claimed credit for forcing Mr. Obama’s hand, saying that “I feel I’ve accomplished something really, really important.” But he said that the document would have to be examined for authenticity.

“I hope it’s the right deal,” he said. “We have to look at it. A lot of people have to look at it. I hope it’s true, and the reason I hope it’s true is because we have real problems in this country.”

He was still holding forth in New Hampshire when Mr. Obama began his comments in Washington with a joke about the networks’ willingness to break into their normal programming to carry Mr. Trump but not for serious policy issues.

As long ago as July 2009, Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary at the time, dismissed the “made-up fictional nonsense of whether or not the president was born in this country,” but polls showed that sizable minorities of people continued to say they were not confident that Mr. Obama was, in fact, born in the United States.

Many of the doubters suggested that the reason Mr. Obama had not produced a long-form birth certificate was that none existed. The president’s decision to obtain a copy from Hawaii and release it to the media was an effort to put such claims to rest.

 2011/4/27 17:54

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North Central Florida

 Re: Obama Releases ‘Long-Form’ Birth Certificate

HAPPY? will this satisfy Frankie Graham and Donny Trump?

No, nothing has changed. His father was not a US citizen and his mother was too young to confer citizenship on him at birth. He is not a Natural Born Citizen and not eligible.

This document that was released has not been proven to be what it is claimed to be. It appears to be the same forgery that was presented on-line before the election.

Why are you demeaning Frank Graham and Donald Trump by calling them by those childish names? Those are the kind of names you use when you are spoiling for a fight. If you are going to fight, why not fight for what is right and not for worldly rulers. If you, as a professing Christian, are spoiling for a fight, what does this foretell for the future of our Country.

I had long since accepted this government as a punishment from God for the many, many sins of this Nation. Now, you want to get things all stirred up again. :(

white stone


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 Re: Obama Releases ‘Long-Form’ Birth Certificate

Obama Releases ‘Long-Form’ Birth CertificateBy MICHAEL D. SHEAR


Dear Neil

This effects our walk with Christ how exactly? I ask dear brother because I just felt compelled to share with you after reading this thread to encourage you and all of us to keep our focus on Jesus and HIS Kingdom not the things of this world. Things like this are a mere distraction from what really matters, Christ Jesus and eternity spent with HIM!!

with much love for all here
God Bless

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This is the type of thread that brings no glory to God friends, and I still do not understand why is this human being named Barack Obama so abhorred by so many?

There is no answer that I choose to entertain, I just dont understand the root of all this discussion. Only our hearts can be heard at the core of such judgment and rhetoric.

 2011/4/27 22:23Profile

 In God's Hands

"I had long since accepted this government as a punishment from God for the many, many sins of this Nation."Whitestone

Me too...and not just the far left part...the arrogance of the last Republican administration, and the lies and deceit there, also, and the connecting string of gross unbelievers we have had deciding our National actions.

We have left Jesus as Lord, as a Nation. When do you remember a National Politician actually addressing the sin issue....and the Murder issue??? [Roe V. Wade]

President Obama is simply the icing on the cake: We are getting what we deserve. The scary part is that this economic disaster is just the slap on the destruction is coming if we do not repent....

Two for One for every innocent Child slaughtered and left bleeding in the trash can. That means 100 MILLION Americans destroyed...if we do not repent. This is unthinkable...but on it's way.

No, we are not to be involved in politics AS thinking it is ministry within the Kingdom of God....but we do live here, and vote here, and will be indelibly affected by the Blessings, or Curses we inherit as a Nation. This is the meaning of politics....who does, or does not lead our Nation, or State, or City.

We are commanded to pray for those in authority....ALL in authority. Did you ever consider that the President is in God's hands, and that God can cause Him to make decisions, that work out for the good and saftey of the Living church of God, in SPITE of his character?

Pray in this fashion...that God would intervene in President Obama's decisions for our good, and have mercy on our country, and raise up Godly voices that might cry out for justice.[ consider John the Baptist's ministry..often political confrontation...]

We are in the deepest trouble we ever have been, and are crumbling the same as ancient Rome. May God have mercy, and send us a revival of holiness, Repentance, and the proclamation of Godly justice.

 2011/4/27 22:52

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: Obama Releases ‘Long-Form’ Birth Certificate

Possession is 9/10's of law, correct? Well, Pres. Obama possesses the White House whether anyone likes it or not, or even believes it legal or not! Why can you not just pray for the man?

I used to send out all the garbage email on Obama and a brother I met here on SI set me straight on this!! (God bless you brother, you know who you are!)

God allowed Obama to take office; you need to be talking to God if you don't like it AND doing what one must do spiritually that one needs to do... prayer and fasting. If we stop complaining and take it to our knees, God can do something about it OVERNIGHT!

God bless us all as we learn to live with what we don't like and live in obedience to Jesus Christ alone,


 2011/4/27 23:17Profile

 the facts are facts white stone

Our President was born in Hawaii, of an American mother, he is a natural born citizen, that is a fact, but seeing as you hate a President democratically elected, in essence you hate democracy, if you hate democracy, you hate America, and if you hate America, you are no patriot.

You have a vote in 2012, use it, if you want a different Chief Executive.

i didnt pick this fight, Franky Graham and Donald Trump picked it, and today the President answered it. I use Franky and Donny, because they are children. Franklin Graham, a very public "christian clergy" decides to use his pulpit to engage in such a foolish, already debunked charge, when we have so many pressing national dilemna's needing solution, that he would foresake common sense, by backing such a ludicrous public figure, Donald Trump, who's own sordid history and lust of the golden calf is well documented, as a viable candidate for the Presidency.

i dont which is the worst, the far left or the far right, between the two of them, they're trying to tear our country apart, and my main grief in all this, is that elements of the far right, try wrap their sordid mindset in Christ and Him Crucified, to give it spiritual covering, even to the point, where you try and gauge my Faith as a "Professing Christian", if i agree with your poisonous rhetoric about the President of the United States, and tie that to the "future of our country".

at least the far left admits to be godless commies, them are of no consequence, most of them dont believe in the beauty of the Constitution, the nobility of service in uniform, anything that is right and beautiful about America, which is that an individual is free, free to woship ...or NOT, free to worship where their heart leads them....or not. That's why i served our country in uniform, to protect those blood fought rights, with my life, if it had come to that.

but the far right, who hates a President for dark vile reasons they dont have the authenticity to voice, they would rather try and wrap Jesus in the American flag, and like so many other hellish historical occurances CRAVE to make the USA a "theocracy".

i didnt pick this fight, Franklin and Don did, i'm just saying my piece. By my submission to earthly authorities, desire to be a good productive citizen, paying tax as a tax owed, and helping man the walls in my time, i've earned that right.

Paul addressed this all in Romans, and i am hewing to the Word that God gave him.

 2011/4/28 0:01

 Mary Jane

Dear Neil

This effects our walk with Christ how exactly?

others have started threads on this exact topic, did you make similar query?

when we start to hate elected authority to point of foisting lies, using "Christian" covering to this vemon, is that not sin?

 2011/4/28 0:07

 in memory, respect and celebration of Pastor David Wilkerson

who, i just read is in Glory with Jesus, out of love and respect for this dear saint so powerfully used by God, i will not involve myself in this thread anymore. This thread as opposed to the grievous loss of such a dear Pastor, seems so trivial.

my heartbrokeness is only mitigated by the Truth that Pastor Dave is with Jesus.

 2011/4/28 0:17

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 Re: in memory, respect and celebration of Pastor David Wilkerson

I also ask the Lord ro please take care of the family of Bro Wilkerson, and all those that loved him

 2011/4/28 11:44Profile

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