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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : When will we stop the genocide in North Korea?

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 When will we stop the genocide in North Korea?

“Holocaust” is the word used to describe the systematic extermination of millions of innocent European Jews during World War II. In the aftermath of this mammoth failure of humanity, many nations “repented” and declared that “never again” would such inhumanity and absolute disregard for human dignity and life be tolerated.

Yet on Jan. 1, the regime of Kim Jong Il warned that a “nuclear holocaust” would be inevitable if South Korea engaged the North in war. While the world watches peoples in the Middle East and North Africa rise up against tyranny, another people suffers on the Korean Peninsula. And that Pyongyang so irreverently invoked this term to describe its so-called necessary defense is a stark reminder of the genocidal and inhumane nature of Kim Jong Il’s regime and the atrocities it has committed against millions of innocents.


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 Re: When will we stop the genocide in North Korea?

We must get on our knees and pray- we must! There is so much to take to the Throne room of God in Jesus mighty Name. Gather together and pray. The times are serious.

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"The times are serious."

Thank you for saying it. We can't wait until 'everyone' sees it - you both are correct - prayer is much needed because the times 'are serious' - whether we see it affecting our own personal lives or not - we've entered an unprecedented time of events. Bless your heart Star.

 2011/4/28 13:21

 Re Prayer for N Korea

Agreed and amen. Prayer is needed for N Korea and the persecuted church there. There is a conference call called the persecution watch that is meeting nightly praying for N Korea this week. Prayer points are pulled from Open Doors and their initiative to pray for N Korea for the next seven days. The call is open to all. It convenes at 8pm cst. The number is 712.432.0031. Access code is 452614#. The call us an excellent venue to come and pray for N Korea and other persecuted issues raised on this forum.

 2011/4/28 15:47

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 Re: Re Prayer for N Korea

Thank you sister for letting us know about this. I think I may call in to that.

Have you heard about the young korean man from the US who went over there, and then was nearly beaten to death? Though he was nearly killed, it caused awareness of what was really going on there. Praise God. His name is Robert Park.

"North Korea is a dark country shrouded in mystery and silence. All that we know is what we have learned from defectors…or what the government of North Korea wants us to know. So much is uncertain. There are many questions with few answers.

One thing is certain…God is not silent.

Answers to many of our questions can be found in the book of Isaiah where God tells us through His Word some of His plans and promises for His people… including His people in North Korea…and how we can intercede for them.

During North Korea Freedom Week we are calling on Christians to unite in prayer. Together we can help “Shatter the Silence” as we pray God’s Word and intercede on behalf of our brothers and sisters in North Korea for a mighty revival to sweep across the nation.

Unite and Pray as One Voice - Register to receive 7-day E-Prayer Guide during North Korea Freedom Week based on God’s promises in Isaiah 59-66. Register now!
Let Your Voice be Heard - In partnership with North Korea Free Radio you can send a message that will be read over the radio in North Korea! Send a radio message now!
Use Your Voice - Tell others about the dire situation in North Korea and ask them to pray!
To find out more about North Korea visit the 2011 World Watch List pages. There you will find statistics about North Korea and more." -


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 Re N Korea Prayer

I heard something about the young man you mentioned but have not seen anything more. Will keep him in prayer. The prayer points you mentioned are being used on the con call. Indeed you are right God is not silent. We will shatter the silence through our prayers for N Korea and other persecuted nations. Since you have a heart for the suffering church see the post entitled A Burning Question in the current issue section. We cannot be silent for those who cannot speak out for themselves.

 2011/4/28 18:11

 Re: When will we stop the genocide in North Korea?

prayer never returns void, God said that, and i believe God.

one Glorious day, the evil pharoahs that stalk this land will be gone and the Gospel shall be preached from the DMZ up to the Tumen and Yalu rivers, and once again, Revival will come to Pyongyang, as it did in 1907.

the real danger comes from three cults that stand ready to flood this oppressed land with their follower's, the "Moonies", the scientologist's and the JW's, so prayer for true New Covenant Jesus loving laborer's.. amen

 2011/4/28 20:43

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