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Appreciate the news report. It exposes that men have their schemes.

Moderators have opinions, too, I would guess. The fact that the moderators posted this shows they are concerned otherwise they would not have revealed this.

This article has useful quotes in it and I am glad it was posted for all to read. The Catholic church has much influence with protestant bibles.

What kind of a "sign" is it when a child is born to a woman?

Why, no sign at all.

It is a SIGN only when a child is born to a virgin.

I am actually ecstatic that this article was published. Because of their pride these translation committees cannot contain their own boasting. They think they are so wise and clever and the want everyone to know how smart and scholarly they are.

Thank you Jesus that they will undermine themselves. I pray their sales hit rock bottom and then they will get desperate and produce yet another translation that in their mind will spur sales yet will be an obvious blasphemy to people that just never could see it before.

And I am glad they confirmed with their own mouths what we have been saying. Namely, that they make the changes little by little. See how concerned they are with not making "too many changes too quickly"?

They are not concerned at all with accuracy.

I hope all you "humans" enjoy their new bible.

The next version, God will be gender neutral. That's what the feminists want and afterall, that is another demographic in which sales can come from.

Thanks again for posting this.


 2011/4/23 19:40


Why the ruckus? Personally I like the NIV. Very readable and understandable. Very effective for evangelism. Back in the Jesus movement God was using Good News for Modern Man and the New Living Bible to convert people. I praise God there are many good translations to choose from. Folks are you aware that in places like N Korea and Vietnan the believers are thankful to get a Bible. Some believers go for years without seeing a copy of the scriptures. Many pastors don't have a Bible or New Testament in persecuted countries. Go to the VOM or Open Doors web sites and you will see what I am talking about. I would exhort that we be more thanlful that God has blessed us with am aboundace of translations to read anf enjoy. When we are in the death camps and have no access to a Bible I think we will be thankful that we can encourage one another from our hearts with what we have stored up in our hearts whatever the translation.

 2011/4/24 20:01


NICE POST martyr!!

a salient word, true and good.

May Grace overflow you, neil

 2011/4/24 20:35

 Re: Bible edits leave some feeling cross

ooooooo, i get SCARED when i read what the roman institution did with the Book of Isaiah in their "translation"

Most controversial is its revision of Isaiah 7:14 to predict that the messiah will be born to a "young woman," not to a "virgin," a characterization that some critics say casts doubt on the miraculous nature of Jesus' birth.

wow! dont these folks have ANY Fear of God?

when i said it gets "me scared"...not of them in rome, i fear God, thats some feckless twisted stuff they're up to, maybe they might want to check these MASSIVE solar storms scientists been forecasting to hit earth, and repent of this foolishness.......Messing with the Word God gave to Isaiah.....just craziness, foolishness.

 2011/4/24 20:44


The leaven from the Catholic "scholars" has already started a long time ago and continues.

Bible in Basic English (BBE)
For this cause the Lord himself will give you a sign; a young woman is now with child, and she will give birth to a son, and she will give him the name Immanuel

Complete Jewish Bible
Therefore Adonai himself will give you people a sign: the young woman will become pregnant, bear a son and name him 'Immanu El [God is with us].

Good News Translation
Well then, the Lord himself will give you a sign: a young woman who is pregnant will have a son and will name him "Immanuel.'

New Revised Standard
Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Look, the young woman is with child and shall bear a son, and shall name him Immanuel.

Revised Standard Version
Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, a young woman shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Imman'u-el.

Why don't these versions bear witness to the truth?


 2011/4/24 22:11

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A777. I would like to see your response to martyr's posting. Thanks


 2011/4/24 22:19Profile

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Why don't these versions bear witness to the truth?

It's obvious that they don't want to. They want everyone to "feel" a part of the big happy family. No sense to let truth get in the way... that would only mess things up.

God help us.

Thank God, His truth will live on!


 2011/4/24 23:10Profile


Oh sure Miccah, I will respond to martyr's post.

I just want to say at the outset, if we are going to credit the LB and GN Bible with salvations during the Jesus Revolution in the 70s, then you should also be willing to credit the follow-up apostasy to them, too.

Most of what Martyr says is true. I don't know if martyr was saved in the Jesus Revolution era or if he was even born then. I was saved in the 70s and lived right in the middle of Berkeley, Ca., where all this was taking place. I was reading the KJV and a lot of others were, too. And people were reading the NLB and GN, also. That is true. But we were getting saved by simple truths of the Bible, the preaching of the cross, John 3:16, Romans 10:10-11, the love of Jesus through other Christians, etc. It was a tremendous move of the Holy Spirit and I really don't remember any one Bible getting any glory.

We definitely were not getting saved by reading the entire NLB or GN. I personally never read the LB or heard many sermons at all in which the LB was quoted.

During that time, the Lord brought revival that moved everywhere. From the streets amongst the rejects of society to the mainline churches. True Koinonia and community sprang up all over the land. The nominal christian was even convicted of his lostness and lack of true repentance. People left jobs to serve the Lord fulltime, home groups started, churches sprang up and God recovered important truths for His people as He brought repentance, restoration and reconciliation. It truly was an exciting and adventurous time for many.

But looking back, what has happened since then? Today, we look back and see a road littered with awful carnage. Divorce rates that rival the world, sheep scattered by unfaithful shepherds that "failed them", others using godliness for gain and the fruit of their drive for success and prestige is a defrauded sheepfold. Cynicism and disappointment replaced hope and joy and the Church is now suffering the scorn of the world. The Gospel is being preached around the world through satellite technology yet the world is no longer listening. Are we in the time of the "Falling Away" spoken of in 2 Thess 2:3?

Many Christians have returned to the world and others are finding themselves in a wilderness of such dimensions that there seems no way out. It is hard to believe that so many that walked in so much joy, are now apathetic and bitter. Is this the fruit of a strong move of God or is this the ultimate fruit of a lack of a fear of God and of making a place in one's heart for just a few idols? That was certainly always the pattern for God's people in the Old Testament. Not much has changed.

Should we let the Living Bible and Good News take the credit for the many salvations but not the credit for Apostasy?

The Spirit of God is given to convince the world of "sin, righteousness and judgment", John 16:8. Was the world convinced of sin, righteousness and judgment in the last revival? We can say now, no more than the church was convinced. What did the church do with the anointing of God? It built bigger buildings, created a program for every need and counted the nickels, numbers and noses.

Now the church has everything to attract the world except the glory of God. God's glory passed because the glory of God will not abide without righteousness. Righteousness is the carnage that has been left on the road of yesteryear.

Should we thank the LB and GN for this?

Many of the other things martyr says are true regarding being persecuted and taking any bible you can get. In the meantime, I am not in a death camp and I will continue to speak out about the corruption of God's Word.

martyr, I am glad that you have a burden for the persecuted church. We will soon be that church in America. I have followed VOM since it was called "Jesus to the Communist World, Inc". That was what their organization and their newsletter were called.

Back in the 70s they were not in Bartlesville, OK, but they were located in Pasadena, CA. During my first year as a Christian I was given a book called "Tortured for Christ". Thus was my introduction to the Persecuted Church. This was a real important event in my early Christian life, because I believe knowing about the underground church actually protected me from settling down within religious Christtendom. Something I have never been able to do. I don't think our persecuted brethren could stomach much of what passes as Christianity in America, either.

I have had a burden and love for the persecuted church my entire life with the Lord. It was a special blessing when I had the opportunity to meet Richard Wurmbrand. I remember going to a church where he was preaching and he took his shoes off and sat in a chair at the front of the church by the steps leading up to the platform. He did not wear shoes because they use to hang him upside down and beat his feet. The nerves in his feet never really recovered.

Like I say martyr, most of what you say is true. However, accuracy is the victim of readability. I have never had any problem in evangelism with the KJV. And for 400 years it evangelized the entire world. I'll take accuracy over perceived readability, any day.

Psa 12:6 The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.

Psa 12:7 THOU SHALT KEEP THEM, O LORD, THOU SHALT PRESERVE THEM from this generation for ever.


 2011/4/24 23:22

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Apparently you witnessed the same I did back in the 60s...Although I was never involved in the protests that marked that era, I was a keen observer - doesn't seem that long ago.

As I reflect on what went wrong during that time, I get very troubled. Not all youths were out demonstrating, protesting the establishment (the county has never recovered from it), some were serious and were Bible students.

My friends and I attended Bible Schools. We were taught the Bible by concerned, ordained brethren. We were taught to think, to study/understand the Bible. And it was good. But we were also smart. Too many thought that since they had acquired advanced knowledge of the Bible that somehow they are now better then the older ones. My generation was highly skilled; great orators.

But they apostatized. And they were taught using the KJV.

As I reflect on these tragic changes I have come to the conclusion that because of their intelligence they have embraced intellectualism at the expense of walking with God, being governed by the Holy Spirit. My generation is very skilled in making excuses for sins instead of naming them and repenting of them.

(I am reminded of what Jerry Clower, a Southern Baptist Comedian, used to say: "Man has been educated beyond his intelligence.")

And it has all been downhill since.

Did you see this A777?

Sandra Miller

 2011/4/24 23:56Profile

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A777. Ok. Just so we are on the same page. People can get saved reading a different version of the Bible then the KJV? Thanks


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