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 The Great Exchange

I recently wrote a song and would appreciate not only opinions but also biblical input if at all possible. Lyrically is this biblically and theologically sound? I understand many people will come from different prespectives and backgrounds of theology, so a good part of me expects this. Thank you all very much.

Saint for a Sinner
Righteous for the condemned
Lover for the scornful
True life is in Him
Majestic for the Lacklustered
Pure for the Stained
You are true and Holy
and Only You remain.

Enter my Heart, make it right
Cause I have nothing to give,
and only You satisfy
I surrender now
I throw up my hands
I know the road is long
but I have no better option
cause You are my life

You are Marvelous
You are the Light
You are true than true
and You willing died
I know I'm complacent
somtimes hard of hearing
but Lord I need Your help
in this perservering.

Thank you all for your help.

Matthew Guldner

 2011/4/23 1:37Profile

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