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 Chick-fil-A CEO: Jesus Teachings Helped Increase Sales

Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy wasn’t shy about his faith Friday when he attributed the huge increase in sales at the fast food chain to the wisdom found in the teachings of Jesus.

Pointing to Matthew 5, 6, and 7, Cathy half-jokingly told the crowd of over 600 people that the Sermon on the Mount is a sermon on how to operate a Chick-fil-A restaurant and how to deal with disgruntled customers.

“So when we probed into this one scripture verse it led us to a radical service makeover within our organization. It became high touch and high tech all at the same time, but particularly high touch,” said Cathy at Biola University’s second annual Imagination Summit. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Chick-fil-A CEO: Jesus Teachings Helped Increase Sales

Years ago Focus on the Family featured Truet Cathy in their family magazine. I was impressed with Mr. Truet's goal in implementing Biblical principles in how he operated his business, including the closing of his restaurants on Sundays. I wrote Chick-fil-A a letter of praise, encouraging them. A couple months later I got a call from Chick-fil-A wanting my mailing address, telling me they are going to send me something because I wrote that letter. I soon got an autobiography from Mr. Cathy. This only enhanced my admiration of him and his business ethics.

We have eaten at these restaurants and their employees are the friendliest around - acting really pleased to see you there and are eager to serve you.

Lately they have come under fire from gay-rights groups because they served some pro-family group. Once again this illustrates that if you are vocal about integrating Biblical principles in your business some will rise up and cry 'foul'! Reckon these people would feel happier if you would deliberately work to rip them off? They shouldn't care, not really....

Where is the tolerance these groups preach?

Sandra Miller

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 Re: Chick-fil-A CEO: Jesus Teachings Helped Increase Sales

The recipes used to prepare the meals that have revolutionized the fast food industry are hidden in the Chick fil A Menu. A Fast Food Restaurant is a quick service restaurant and from there sites we can easily order our food.

Chick Fil A Menu

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Hi Ginnyrose,

That is interesting to know! I like Chick-Fil-A quite a bit. Unfortunately, there aren't any close to our house...but we have driven over an hour just to shop at a mall because the restaurant was located there.

In addition, my wife and I like to eat at In-N-Out. It is a West Coast standard for fast food. Not only are the fresh burgers and fries very tasty (the best fast-food that I have ever eaten -- nothing in the restaurant has ever been frozen), but there are Scripture references noted on every menu item.

Every beverage cup contains John 3:16. Every burger wrapper contains Revelation 3:20. Every Double-Double wrapper contains Nahum 1:7. Every milkshake contains Proverbs 3:5. Every free water cup contains John 14:6. Every license plate guard or key chain contains I Corinthians 13:13.

Thanks for sharing your experience. It is encouraging to know that some companies are bold enough to wear their faith so publicly.


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 Re: Chick-fil-A CEO: Jesus Teachings Helped Increase Sales

Normally news is so depressing, but this was very encouraging. We always here about the businesses out to get your buck and not very often about ones like this. Sometimes I forget they exist!
Thanks for posting this Greg. :)


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Chick-filet actually offered my youngest son, who is 18 a job. He had been going there on a work program through school during the week. Daniel has Down Syndrome and it is very rare for special needs people to be offered jobs, we were so proud of Daniel and very thankful to Frank

 2011/9/14 23:42

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