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 China: Many Still Unreached

China: Many Still Unreached
From the "Intercessor's Network"

An official survey in China has reported that the total number of Protestant Christians in the country now stands at 23 million. The new ‘Blue Book on China Religions' published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is the result of over 60,000 questionnaires sent out to more than 300 counties across China.

The survey stated that 73% of Christians had joined the church since 1993, thus admitting the phenomenal growth that has taken place in the last two decades. It also reported that one million people are added to the official church each year. This survey did not, however, include the vast number of Christians in unregistered house churches.

Over the past ten years, Christian ministry Asia Harvest has also been seeking to collect information on the number of believers in China. They have gathered figures from a large number of sources, both published materials and personal information from house church networks, covering every province and many cities and counties across China.

Asia Harvest's information indicates that the church in China has multiplied 24 times since 1949 and now consists of at least 103 million believers. They estimate that there are 9.1 million new Christians each year or 25,000 each day.

The province with the highest proportion of Christian believers is Zhejiang province in eastern China where an estimated 18.5% of the population follow the Lord Jesus. The largest number of Christians live in Henan province in central China - 14.6 million or 14.7% of the population.

The area with both the smallest number of Christians and the lowest proportion is still Tibet where only 9,000 people out of 2.8 million (0.3%) have put their trust in Christ. The majority of these are Han Chinese rather than Tibetan.

Asia Harvest comments: "Despite the spectacular growth of the Church in China, consider that today only 7.6% of people in the country are Christians. More than 92 out of every 100 people remain lost and hell-bound, perishing outside of the kingdom of God. House church leaders have told us how ashamed and burdened they feel that so many of their countrymen have yet to know Jesus as Lord."

Give thanks to the Lord for the spectacular growth of the Church in China. Pray that it might continue and that many more of the lost might come to put their trust in the Lord.

Lift up the Tibet region to the Lord and the other areas, including Guangxi, Hunan, Ningxia and Tianjin, where the proportion of Christian believers remains very low.

Pray that Christians in provinces such as Zhejiang and Henan, where the proportion of Christians is much higher, might have an ever-expanding heart for the lost and be willing to make sacrifices to go to those areas where many still wait to hear the Gospel.

Asia Harvest estimates that 34 million Chinese Christians still do not have their own copy of the Bible. Pray that many more Bibles might be made available so that not just every believer but also non-believers might have the opportunity to read the Word of God.

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 Re: China: Many Still Unreached

Yes, Amen. It's GOD's will that we have a burden for the souls that we ourselves can reach. We pray for these brave Christians to be enabled to get the Gospel out and literature provided, however possible, though the cost for them is great.
Thank you Brother.

 2011/4/18 13:11

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