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 Clarification on Glen Beck

I pray with different prayer streams. A number of intercessors seem taken in with news commentator Glenn Beck. He quotes the Bible but I am told he is a Mormon. Does anyone know if G. Beck is born again or has an exoerience with Jesus Christ. This post is not to create controversy but really want to know about this man. Many in the body of Christ seen taken in by him. Can he be trusted? Is he authetic? Please advise.

 2011/4/17 19:55

 Re: Clarification on Glen Beck

He is a mormon.

 2011/4/17 20:15


Thank you. I thought as much. But now a deception is raking place in the body. Dear God please wake us up.

 2011/4/17 20:19

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If you are a Mormon, you are not born again. Yet, this does not mean that GB cannot speak truth. The Lord used a donkey... He can use GB.

Personally I have not watched him for a while now. After finding he is a Mormon it kind of recked it for me. Also, too much focus on the world and not enough on the Lord.


 2011/4/17 23:09Profile


since it is apparently wrong to site outsides sources, I suggest you google "Todd Friel Glenn Beck" and watch the video.


"Glenn Beck- Are you really a Mormon?" video

 2011/4/18 0:00


But now a deception is raking place in the body. Dear God please wake us up.

As a mormon, he is not in the "body".

 2011/4/18 0:02

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 Re: Clarification on Glen Beck

My mom had cancer last summer and everyday that we went to radiation, depending on what time we got out of there, we listened to Glenn Beck. After about three weeks I had had enough already... the fear he instills is quite incredible. I noticed that he uses the word "Jesus" quite a bit in his radio show; I do not know about his tv show.

My son is a libertarian and I lean towards that way so I had been listening to him on and off for a couple years. So, I'm guessing I had been in off-mode for awhile because somewhere in there he lost hope for America (or maybe it's just his radio show that has all that fear, who knows? not me.).

Last summer his radio show was far less about politics and more about storing up for when America falls apart.

God bless,


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We need to realize that politicians simply use the religious card for selfish purposes. Remember that Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light, so it is not surprising that the devil's servants should masquerade as servants of righteousness (2Corinthians 11:13-15). Glenn Beck is a Mormon and thus brings a false gospel, which is really no gospel at all. The strongest of rebukes is reserved for him (see Galatians 1:6-9). Remember that the highest objective of Mormons is to become gods in their own world, reminiscent of Genesis 3:4-5. May God help us to discern evil that is clothed in religious garments.

 2011/4/18 8:29Profile

 Enigma of beck.

Glen Beck is a political commentator, and a Natural and Charismatic entertainer, and very, very brilliant. He is also a member of a demonic and deceived church, the Mormons, who have faith in some of the most foul and aberrant doctrine about Jesus and His Father imaginable.

People are led into Hell by these lies, for they are wicked. Saying that, he is an enigma, in the sense that he produces and vocalizes a great deal of truth...especially getting to the roots of the NWO, and the hypocrisies of Socialism and their desires to dominate the world.

He is a Conservative, and very much like Jefferson, Franklin and Washington. America's premier Founding Fathers, He is a DEIST....different than Christian. He believes that God founded America, and established the Constitution....and therefore American Political purity becomes as much a part of the gospel as the Bible.

He speaks of Jesus in the Mormon an American means of the Truth.

I watch FOX News, and Glen Beck now and then. I saw James Robertson, David Reiver, [ the Evangelist vietnam vet without a face..] and David Barton...[a famous Christian Constitutionalist] [who has been in my home..] join Beck on Camera.

They all received him as a brother...,and were awe struck, [as are most] at Beck's immense awareness of the current political model, and the encroachment of Islam, and the radical Red Left, trying to enslave us all....[which is true!]

I thought it overboard...but the enigma part is that Glen beck addresses these political issues, and Islamic issues, with more force, and with more raw truth, than anyone I have ever seen.

In the end, though, It is NOT the GOSPEL!, nor does it glorify the Savior and Lord Jesus...Beck is part of the other side...and enemy of the gospel....but is so compelling because we are living out the spiritual awareness that he expresses in political terms.


 2011/4/18 11:17

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Herod was a man who was caught between two towering sentiments in the world. On the one hand, Rome loomed before him as ominous as the sun, and on the other hand, he ruled in a place where the God of the universe had chosen a people for himself to declare his light to the world.

Herod was a pragmatist (though he would not have understood that term as specifically as we do today.) He built the temple up in a massive renewal project in order to appease the Jews he ruled. Completely enamored with its religious implications, while at the same time serving his own personal interest by regularly appealing to Rome. Herod had on his hands a nearly impossible political situation. He had a people to govern who were subject to a higher order than that of Rome, and yet he served Rome. As a result you had a man who would both go and listen to John the Baptist preach (and he would hear him gladly, Mark 6:18), and also a man who cut off his head (Mark 6:28). Jesus never commended anything Herod did, even though Herod did a number of things in his lifetime that could have been perceived as "biblical," and benefiting of religion. As a matter of fact, Jesus actual interaction with Herod should be a very interesting study on God's attitude towards men who used religion as a catalyst in their politics. Herod gladly received Christ when Pilate sent Jesus to him. Herod was "exceedingly glad," to see Christ. Would this not have been a wonderful opportunity for Jesus to "witness" or show the love of Christ to a man with great influence? Absolutely not! All Herod wanted of Christ was something of self-gratification. It says in Luke 23:9, "Then he (Herod) questioned with him in many words; but he (Jesus) answered him nothing." Jesus was just plain indifferent towards Herod. He completely ignored him. Some might build the case against me that this was because Jesus was just fulfilling prophecy as being the silent lamb lead to the slaughter, which is all true, however it is still significant that Jesus was silent before this man in particular. As I believe Jesus was simply obeying his own advice to his Disciples.

Herod was an Idumean, from the History books about Herod that I have read he was, as an Idumean, one of the last known ancestors of the Edomite Nation. The Edomites were the decedents of Esau. And in Malachi and Romans, God makes it very clear when he says..."Jacob have I loved and Esau have I Hated." The blessings of Jacob, promised through Abraham have been conferred upon the church, not upon Esau. As a matter of fact, Esau has been completely cut off. When the Herodian line was severed not long after the church was born, the Idumeans, thus the line of Esau was cut off from the earth through the death of Herods progeny. If you remember right, Esua was also a pragmatist, giving up his birth right over a pot of stew.

Beware the leaven of Herod. Mark 8:15. Jesus had warned the disciples not to become intertwined with this man. Leaven causes a puffing up, a swelling. There are instances in scripture where this is seen as a good thing (the kingdom parables in Matthew 13) and there are more instances where this is seen as a bad thing. When we become infected with the leaven of Herod. There is a resulting attitude like Herod's. It is one replete with pride. Pride that swells us in our attitudes toward others. Pride that uses religion for the sake of self gratification. No matter how noble the reasoning may "seem," it is a reason that is swollen with leaven. When push comes to shove religion will always take a backseat to self. Thus this man Herod could gladly listen to the most fiery preacher of his era and gladly put his head in a charger when lust has to be served.

I have seen a number of people (sorry to be direct Miccah) post on this forum that God can speak through a donkey as justification for listening to these kinds of men. Well brothers. Glenn Beck is not a Donkey. It is no miracle for him to speak. If Glenn Beck had at one point been an animal with no capacity for speech, and all of a sudden he started speaking to us, well that would be something wouldn't it?

We need to look to Christ, look to his attitude, look to his indifference as a model for our attitude towards the pragmatists of our age who may use words that seem spiritual, but recognize that they do not speak with the Spirit of God. Why? Because Jesus is the manifestation of God on earth, He is the light and life of God, and a fully orbed example of how God sees things, and who he in fact is. There are many spirits that have gone out into the world, and we need to test those spirits to see if they have the Spirit of Christ. When the Spirit of God comes, it produces peace, love, joy, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance. These are not the by-products of many of the talking radio heads. Rather, the general sense of attitude and spirit they promote, even though they use spiritually laced vocabulary are: emulations, variance, wrath, strife and seditions. (For more on this topic read Galatians 5.)

I know, I used to listen to all of them, and all they ever did was make me angry, surly, and argumentative with people. As a result my witness was blown, and I made politics my point of philosophical contact with the non-believing world rather than Christ and his love.

As an encouragement, I would just ask that people consider these thoughts and ask the Lord as to whether or not these kinds of associations and prophets are really "donkeys" speaking to our generation. Please do not take my words personally, I would not have liked to hear this five years ago myself.

I personally believe that this issue is more than just one of personal conviction. I believe our witness as believers is at stake in this discussion, and there is a spirit behind this dialogue not dissimilar from the one which overtook "Christendom" during the time of the Crusades.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

 2011/4/18 12:05Profile

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