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 Gospel meeting broken up in New Delhi - Please pray, now.

Our assembly received the e-mail message earlier this week from Pastor Solomon in New Delhi, India.

Just to give some background, Solomon has been ministering to the street people and those who get their living off the rubbish tips for some time. He has established thriving church in the middle of great poverty and with little visible means of support.

It was decided by the authorities to bulldoze the rubbish tips and clean the place up, this effectively took away the means of life from many people, so Solomon and his co-workers have been feeding large numbers of people with rice any way they could.

He has been preaching the gospel in open meetings in several different places in this large city and these have attracted large numbers of people with many saved and added to the church.

“Dear Beloved In Christ,
Full Life Assembly of God church, New Delhi conducted open meetings for the last one year in different places of Delhi with proper permission from Delhi police and with proper arrangement. Every time around 1000 to 2000 people gathered to see the meeting. Through skits, choreography, singing and messages gospel was preached to thousands of people. This was a great blessing and we could start 10 house churches through this ministry in Delhi.

As usual an open meeting was planned to be held at Bajan pura, New Delhi on 9.4.11, Saturday. All relevant permissions were taken from the local authorities and police stations to conduct the meeting. As per schedule all arrangement like tent, stage, lighting, pa system chairs, generator were done.

We went with much prayer to that particular place in the evening at 5.30 pm. All the arrangement were made properly and Mrs. Pinki Solomon started the programme with the singing with other church believers. Around 300 hundred people were sitting on the chairs who were From RSS Terrorist group, Bajrangal. As soon as the song was sang, they started to throw the chairs towards the stage and Mrs Pinki and the girls were hurt. They started to break the lights, chairs and pa system. Each one of them started to throw the stone which was like a stone rain.

And some people started to beat Pastor Arul and Pastor Kings went to rescue him and some one from the back hit pastor kings with a rod on his neck and head. When he fell down he was surrounded by 25 to 50 people and they started to beat pastor Solomon Kings with sticks and rods very severely. They hit him on his chest with a rod. When the police fired two rounds in the air they left pastor Kings and started to run. The Rss people hit two policemen who were there on duty and they were bleeding badly. When they throw stones from all directions, some of our church believers were injured and they were bleeding. One student who came from Tamil Nadu to minister here in Delhi also was injured severely and later on 4 stitches were put on his head. When they started stoning around everywhere there was only one entrance to the campus so almost everyone got injured Pr.Arul & Pr.Solomon Kings ,Mrs.Pinky Solomon,Pr.Solomon's associate pastors and many church believers were beaten up badly.

And the crowd damaged Pastor Kings car very badly while running away and they damaged the PA system, music system, the chairs, light and tents. They broke the video camera also. So we couldn’t cover any thing. After everything was over the place was like a war field. And we could take some photos after the incidence only.
Things got damaged,1.Pastor Car 2.PA System 3. All the Lights 4.Generator 5. Tent materiel, 6 Video Camera 7. Still Camera 8.Chairs.
Please Up hold us in your Prayers.”

The latest update we have is that the people mentioned and two police officers ended up in hospital, Solomon is out now but cannot rest because of his injuries – the police have arrested two of the ringleaders and are going to court.

The leaders of the Hindu and Muslim communities have asked for a meeting with Solomon on Tuesday of this coming week (19.4.11) as they want to distance themselves from the violence displayed in this incident.

Our interest is direct and personal, two members of our assembly go to India each year for a couple of months to hold Bible school for the Christians and pastors connected to this work, so we know Solomon who has visited us, he is a humble, gentle disciple for the Lord Jesus who puts his Lord before anything or anyone else.

Please pray, pray, pray that the Lord will uphold Solomon, his wife and family along with his co-workers and all the other believers in this place. Especially pray for strength and wisdom for Solomon on Tuesday that he may put forward true witness for the Lord Jesus at the meeting with the Hindu and Muslim leaders.

Thank you brothers and sisters for the blanket of prayer you are going to put over all of this – I will keep you updated as things develop.

(If this is posted in the wrong place no doubt the moderators will move it)

Yours in Him


Terry Smith

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 Re: Gospel meeting broken up in New Delhi - Please pray, now.

Praying dear brother for my brothers and sisters there: strength and wisdom, peace and favor in this community, and everything the Lord impresses me with.

 2011/4/17 9:36Profile

 Re:Praying for Pastor Soloman

Dear God bring mercy and comfort to your saints on India.

 2011/4/17 14:44

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