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Just longing to gather together in Him.

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Well, come on HeartSong, we need all the intercessors we can get! Glory to God. I have an extra room. :). You are a sister right!

JisG, Dear Sister, don't get the "why Reno" HS question. Kind of slow I guess.

And about New York. Oh, my how Pastor Carter Conlon prays constantly for NYC and all the Churches that God's glory will fall upon them. And I have Church with them, streaming - before I go to Church, every Sunday morning and join in to pray for NYC as well. God is coming folks to do an awesome work.
I had a vision yesterday during TSC worship. It was for our church but could be for all over.

We were standing in Church, no hands lifted up, but arms to our sides with palms up. Then there was a huge title wave hovering over us as a body and as individuals . Not yet on us. Our eyes were all looking up to Jesus with hearts of adoration.

And the Lord showed me that He was about to flood us with His Presence. Our hands were not lifted in worship because there was no strength in us to do anything of ourselves except to gaze upon Him. All that was about to come was due to our surrender to want Him and we being out of the way. With no strength of our own. Just eyes upon Him.

And in the past we all have heard of the river and how some have jumped in the River of God, some just feet, some waist and some dove. But the Lord showed me this new vision where people who had no strength in the flesh to even move to jump. Just allowing Him to be God and do it His way. Glory to God. Help us to have no agenda's - just passionate love for Him and His ways. We love Him because He first loved us. Giving Him all the glory.

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JH, I clicked on the last post arrow and only saw Sis HS's post. I see now the two posts preceding hers and understand.

Yes, To HIS Glory. I like how Watchman Nee points this out in one of his books about the absence of "I & me" in conversations, sermons, etc -- as in 'who' is truly getting the focus or where is the reader's or hearer's focus being directed To, as we read things or hear messages. I believe this was something that Nee spoke that adds to our discernment when listening to others. A sort of safety net for us. With time and observing the use of personal pronouns and wording, even the young in Christ can learn to see where or to whom the focus is being drawn to, in reality. I love Nee for that reason. He had such a protective nature over GOD'S Sheep and He truly and solely pointed his readers to Christ and not to himself in anyway whatsoever. He and those like him, all but become invisible.
That humility comes through with other great Classic authors as well. You don't even see the author/speaker after a few minutes - you're only getting the message that points to Christ & His Truth alone - and proves it's no longer them that lives but Christ. Blessing GOD for those Servant-Saints today, again.

 2011/4/18 15:29

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Ooops, Sorry, I see now what you were talking to Heartsong = HS. I thought you were talking to me and I mistook HS for Holy Spirit. That's why I couldn't figure it out. What can I say.

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It's the things taking place globally in the financial world that has truly been a wake-up call to some. Just one 'small' aspect of this is - that the cards that folks use for food-stamps & other benefits are issued from JP Morgan and that when someone of late mailed their tax-return in with a 'return-receipt-requested' attached to it - it came back received also by JPM in Charlotte, NC and payments made long ago by check were returned - stamped received by the IMF. Not rumors and notanything that we can do anything about - except to see where we are on the eschatological time-line.

Ok, mind interpreting this for me? Either I am dense or ignorant, maybe both.


Sandra Miller

 2011/4/18 22:24Profile


Earthquakes in Nevada!!!! Are you serious? Sounds like Greenbrier AR. There have been unexplained tremors there of 4 or less. there is more spiritual life in Nevada than here in Little Rock. And we are the buckle of the Bible belt. Just kidding. But it does seem that those parts of the country that have the most sin have on fire saints. I wonder why this is??? Could it be the next revival could start in a cassino???? But why not? I have heard of bike bars that meet as church on Sunday morning and that are on fire for Jesus. Anyone know about the house church movement in Iran. God is moving there. Folk don't mean to offend anyone on this post but God is moving in ways that shake our psradine. For those who say that certain spiritual gifts have disappeared. How do you explain the healings in India or Jesus appesring in dreams and visions to moslens???? Ok ypu can stone me for my handle is martyr.

 2011/4/20 11:25

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Amen Brother,

People in Reno have prayed I guess for the Casino's to be used to bring the Gospel and guess what saints it has been happening. Glory to God.

Only 3% go to any kind of a Church here. I guess there is one of the highest of drug users, high school drop outs, teen pregnancy in the nation. Reno is ripe for revival.

I know of one this Friday where an Evangelist is going to be at a Casino. Seating about 4 thousand. We have been praying for this. Charles Finney and others have gone into places where it was unexpected for a revival. Rees Howells and so many others. Glory to God. Nothing is too hard for God.

So please pray for revival here. We that are saved are called to pray, pray, pray.

Just yesterday a woman called me after we had a conversation about Jesus and said, I want to go to Church with you. I was wondering if I had shared enough about the Lord to her. Glory to God, He was working in her heart.

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Dear Sister JH

I will pray that God will bless a move of his Spirit in Reno NV. This may be an instance were God will chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. For where are the revivals occurring in the world today? Certainly not here. Certainly not in the Bible belt. We see revival in China, Iran, India, Latin America, Africa, etc. If a move of the Spirit does take place I suspect it will come out of Reno, Las Vegas, Hollywood, the homeless camps, the gangs, the prostitutes, the druggies, the gays and lesbians, etc. These are the people Jesus would hang out with. My prayer would be that when the Spirit does move among these people the organized chirch does not miss it. But I fear she will. After all the Jewish leadership did not recognize the coming of their messiah. Dear sister God bless you and what he is doing in Reno. Please keep us posted what is happening there. Sorry no pun intended.

Blaine aka Martyr.

 2011/4/21 8:31

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