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 Chinese church won't stop meeting, despite demands

The Beijing church that saw more than 160 of its members arrested April 10 for meeting illegally says it will continue to hold services outdoors in spite of the Chinese government's demands that it stop.

Shouwang Church, one of the thousands of illegal unregistered churches across China, has found itself in the spotlight as the world debates China's limits on religious freedom. Churches in China are legal only if they registered with the government, which then often puts limits on their ability to grow and evangelize. The government also has blocked attempts by Shouwang to meet indoors.

The church, which reportedly has around 1,000 members, saw its pastor, pastor's wife and other members arrested in broad daylight Sunday morning, April 10, when it attempted to hold an outdoor worship service on a public space in Beijing. The members were put on buses and taken to a local elementary school, where ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2011/4/14 21:10Profile

 Re: Chinese church won't stop meeting, despite demands

Tried to leave a comment on the ChinaAid site that was linked at the bottom of the Baptist Press Site but it didn't post.

I pray these people keep on trying to meet and be an encouragement to others, as the First Church was and to us in the (so far) free world.

 2011/4/15 0:11

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 Re: Chinese church won't stop meeting, despite demands

It is so uplifting to hear those who are being tested by forms of persecution speak so beautifully. Thy know their identity and one cannot help but be endeared to them by their love Christ. Their possessive use of the word; bride is pure and refreshing to the soul.

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We have been praying for these brothers and sisters on our con call and will continue to do so. Br.Greg thank you for listing info on the persecuted. The info cones in very useful for our con call.

 2011/4/17 14:35

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