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 simple answer to fix American economy

After coming up with a way to fix the economy, I realised how easy it is to do it. It is so easy and I am not a very educated person. My education is based on the bible but on a secular scale, low grade.

I'm thankful to God that he allowed to find a answer. It is true though that it is probably one of many ways.

The answer is kept secret. The reason for that is that it would be abused. So have found a way to reveal it.

The way it can be done is for me to go to churches and sing and create a time for a meeting with church leaders and members of the church who want to hear. I believe through the church we can pray and put into action this tremendous operation. It is guaranteed to work. I believe God's people can love and take care of their fellow Americans.

my videos on kids country puppets part one and two can be seen on on part two is the song forgiveness and the invitation. Also are my praise and worship videos.

Hoping God's people will take me serious, this is a very important step forward for America.


 2011/4/14 9:21Profile

 Re: simple answer to fix American economy

"I believe God's people can love and take care of their fellow Americans."

That would be a welcomed change and sign of obedience to His Word.

We should start by donating to Homeless Shelters.

The one I knew of, that was in a city with over 1000 churches in it, had to stop some of their programs because they couldn't raise enough funds.

Homelessness increases daily. Families losing their jobs.

Thanks for the tears. My eyes were getting dry from reading too much.

 2011/4/14 12:28

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