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 The Call to America's Conscience: Defeat Senate Bill 48


To watch the video of 3/23/2011 last week's hearing at the Senate Education Committee, visit To hear Sarah Yang's POWERFUL testimony, skip to 28:45 in the video

Sarah Yang was set free from homosexuality by God

Abraham Lincoln said, "The philosophy of the classroom in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next." Regarding Senate Bill 48, the next few weeks will decide what California students will learn, which according to Lincoln will guide the thinking of our future government. As Gettysburg was considered the high water mark of the civil war, this very well could be the Gettysburg of American education regarding the issue of homosexuality.

This bill will affect nine million children and parents in public schools. The implications of this one bill are monumental and I believe the voice of the churches must be heard in this critical hour.

Lou Engle
TheCall to Conscience

What is Senate Bill 48? explains:

"California Senate Bill number 48, now tracking its way through the legislature, would change the teaching of core academic subjects into a 'celebration' of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual lifestyles. This profound change in the basic education of children would be mandatory, without involvement or opt-out rights of parents."

What is at stake?

SB 48 still passed the Senate Education Committee but there's still time to stop this bill in the assembly and senate that calls "the worst school sexual indoctrination ever," forcing nine million California children to learn about homosexuality at an early age with no opt-out rights for parents.

What is most alarming about this bill is that if it passes, parents will have no rights over what their children learn in public schools regarding their sexuality. This is total discrimination against religious liberties and parents' rights to teach their children morals.

Furthermore, Dr. Miriam Grossman, an author and child psychiatrist for over 20 years, presented well-researched evidence that introducing elementary and junior high school students to homosexuality will cause gender confusion and misidentification as a homosexual because they are still in the stage of gender and identity formation.

Also, because California is the largest consumer of textbooks, what goes into California's textbooks will most likely go into the rest of the nation's textbooks. This could effect what all public schools will teach across the nation! goes on to say:

"What we all do, or fail to do, in the next few weeks will determine whether or not California’s school children will be subject to homosexual textbooks and curriculum for years to come! Your help is needed to fight this bill every step of the way at every committee hearing and every vote."

Three steps to stop SB 48

1. Please pray that God would do a miracle and stop the passage of this bill.

2. If you are a California resident and you want to stop this bill, please go to the following website to let your representatives know your stance. It only takes a minute:

3. It is vitally important for us to vote and put those who will truly represent us into office. If we don't vote, we won't be represented, period.
To watch the video of last week's hearing at the Senate Education Committee, visit To hear Sarah Yang's POWERFUL testimony, skip to 28:45 in the video

Sarah Yang was set free from homosexuality by God

TheCall to Conscience, 1776 I Street STE 900, Washington D.C. 20006

 2011/4/13 0:45

 Re: The Call to America's Conscience: Defeat Senate Bill 48

this is a comment in the yahoo news.

"No wonder California is getting ready to implode! All of the problems financial, social, unemployment, foreclosures, and this is what they are focused on!!!!! Most of the kids couldn't tell you when WWll was or what it was about, but they need to learn about gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender history?? Give me a break! What a nightmare."""

 2011/4/14 22:53


Yes, many have been set free of this and many other sexual sins. No doubt about it.

Massachucetts is one state that has had these type classes for around a decade and we're not aware that there was any voting or anything.

We pray and pray that these sane doctors and legislators will prove out the harm that sex ed of any type does in school and that it is not the school's place to discuss these matters with other people's children - That used to be called "corrupting the morals of a minor", and that type education belongs to the parents who brought their child into this world and raise them, in every sense of that word.

I can't understand parents sending their children to these state run, morally corrupt, mind control institutions.
Pray more parents will homeschool or find/make the funds to send their children to Christian schools.

It should have never been a law to send children to school in the first place. What are parents thinking?

 2011/4/15 0:37

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