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 Charles Finney and SI

Please listen to this:

In Christ,

 2011/4/12 8:54

 Re: Charles Finney and SI

This thread must be locked!

 2011/4/12 9:32


excuse me?

EDIT* I would like to add that this was on that radio program ( today and that I have no axe to grind or any hidden agenda, so I am a little shocked that that person's first response was to 'lock' the thread.

As you can easily see I have been a member of SI for over four years, and I have had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Greg, not to mention the many brothers and sisters in Christ that I have been encouraged and editfied by over the years.

However, I am pointing out Charles Finney, because I did not even know who he was before coming to SI and as you can tell with that person's post, there is a deep favor for the man with many on this forum, so my intent is to share with you what I heard today, just in case you were not aware of some other information about him which may help you discern.

In Christ,

 2011/4/12 10:15


Brother BrianMira

Finney has many followers here and almost all the time the threads about his heresies are are shut down. So I was kidding.

 2011/4/12 10:27


where was the humour?

 2011/4/12 10:31

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It is a violation of community rules to post to outside sources and we would ask that folks would refrain from doing so.

Community Rule:

-Do not link to outside media including SERMONS and VIDEOS from other websites, the main reason for the inclusion of this rule is abuse of it in posting audio sermons that have false doctrine or false emphasis.

I will lock the thread.

Robert Wurtz II

 2011/4/12 10:56Profile

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