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 Open Air in Fort Worth

Downtown Fort Worth 11-19-04

It finally happened! As I arrived in the downtown area to preach, I found someone already there doing it. Of coarse, it was a friend of mine. Brad Snow was standing up preaching open air to a nice size crowd in front of him. He preached the Law and then grace. It was great to see that as soon as I arrived.

After he was done I felt like I should preach. A few friends prayed for me and then I stood up to preach. I actually couldn't get any crowd at all which was somewhat discouraging, but I took a quick break and then stood up again. This time I had a very nice size crowd that stayed there a very good amount of time. Then my friend Brandon Lilly preached open air for only the second time I think. It's tremendously encouraging to see how the Lord is raising up so many men and women to preach in the open air! They aren't as rare as they once were.

The rest of the night we gave out tracts, gave out free gospels, and talked to people one-on-one. Everyone who came with me were the last people, out of those out witnessing, to leave. Of course we were also the last people to arrive!However what should have been a 2 hour drive became a 5 hour drive because we took the wrong highway. It was quite unfortinate however it did give me time to pray and think about certain things so that was a blessing.

As more and more people hear about the street ministry around here they want to get involved. I have had two females contact me in the past two days about it alone. The group that goes out every week is already around 11 or so people. Most of which are young people! Praise God!

This is a picture of open-air in Deep Ellum, but it's still a good visual of the open air ministry.

Here is a link to an open air picture in Deep Ellum. Although it is not of Fort Worth, it gives you a pretty good visual of what the ministry looks like:

 2004/11/23 3:39

 Dear Bro. Jesse

You have been on my heart and I have been praying for you and thinking about you.....bless God for this ministry of open air preaching. I breathe my prayers up to heaven for your protection and refurbishment, spiritual refurbishment, that you find delight in the things of God. Spiritual refreshment, that we both continue to die out to the stuff of the world.


I was going thru your audio section and I saw those teachings on our brothers of days past! Man, we like the same guys, David Brainerd, Duncan Campbell, Evan Roberts, Hudson Taylor.....

I'm cutting together a new 'comp'...its for you, made for your's also for a little girl by the name of Emily ...she's six and on Jan 12 she will be headed for Indonesia, with her parents Rob and Linda. Rob is my dear brother, my prayer partner, and the Lord spoke to him, and they are going to go preach the Gospel in a far off land.

I didnt know how this lil girl looks up to me, and I do a Thanksgiving day outreach in my community.....all of us orphans serve a meal in the Name of Jesus....and this lil girl sent me 3 one dollar bills, and a note.....she said she didnt want to spend the money on herself, but on the poor that God was taking care of. and this lil co-laborer in Christ wrote at the end "I love you".

So I been thinking about the both of you, and as I write this I pray for the both of you dear lights, dear precious lights for Jesus, laborering and seeking for Him, with no thought for glory or the accolades of man, but for the sweet praise of the Saviour Himself.

both of you, a young twenty-something street preacher cast in the mold of days gone by, and the tiny six-year old daughter of missionaries, you both are the future of the Church of Jesus Christ, may He Who suffered keep and protect the both of you. I love you both, and the next compilation I am doing is for you.

To the Lamb of God be the Glory forever and ever.


 2004/11/23 7:11

 Re: Dear Bro. Jesse

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I fully appreciate your prayers. How can I pray for you? Also, what is the girls name?

quote: "we like the same guys, David Brainerd, Duncan Campbell, Evan Roberts, Hudson Taylor" Yea I absolutely love learning about the Christian heros of History. Actually, I've been thinking about writting a book with that title. :) I like to mention men like that alot in my preaching or writing because so many people do not who they are, let alone what they did! I'm almost finished with a new article and I mention a few other men of God. Anyways, yes I love hearing and reading about those men, but we must never forget to live our own lives and see God do great things today.

I look forward to the new compilation. How far in the making is it?

 2004/11/23 9:11

 Re: Furthermore..........(lol)

Please pray that the Lord send me a beautiful Spirit filled female as a wife, prayer partner and helpmate

before I forget , I want to turn you onto another precious brother in the Lord who is an excellent model of apostolic ministry.......John Sung...

Here's the URL for a really good article, and a small bibliography...interestingly enough there's not a ton of scholarship on this man.

while searching for the mary crawford book on the shantung revival I came across this interesting website that has put period articles on CD from the Welsh revival..

yes I know, its seems long but put all in.....

the comp is ...ummmmm, maybe a fifth done!

what I'm doing now is cutting all the voice stuff together.......its Duncan Campbell, and I get nightmarishly picky.....I've fallen in love with Duncan....there's is nobody that says "God" like him....and its not an act, its not performance, its the Fear of God, the Reverence of God that you hear in his it!

and I might add some Paris Reidhead from Ten Shekels and a Shirt.....maybe. Jesse I just love cutting comps, I get so blessed, I'm so thankful that 'bought' turned me onto the accoustica mixer program, its like making tracts but in audio. I want to get that audio version of that British actor reading the Bible.

anyway I'm starting to blabber, God bless you my brother.

In Him, Neil

(Later edit----I found two books about John Sung is he diary, and another is from a brother who knew him, I bought both of them at

put "John Sung" into the search bar)

 2004/11/23 21:30

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