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 Persecution: Chinese expand their tactics, report says

-The Chinese government intensified its pressure against Christians in 2010 for a "fifth straight year of escalating persecution," according to ChinaAid Association, a Christian human rights organization based in Washington.
Beatings, torture, arrests, harassment and church demolitions are among the 90 recorded cases of persecution, a nearly 17 percent increase over 2009, according to a report released by ChinaAid on March 31.

The cases "are just the tip of the iceberg," according to a ChinaAid news release. "The Chinese government's stranglehold on information and the authoritarian regime's other security measures make getting a true picture of the extent of persecution impossible. Nevertheless, the fact that the documented incidences of persecution came from all parts of China and involved people from all levels of society makes the report a useful guide. ...

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 2011/4/5 10:19Profile

 Re: Persecution: Chinese expand their tactics, report says

Amen, it's been time for a long time, for Christians to stop putting this out of their minds.


How long have we sent our manufacturing of "Christian" items that are being sold at "Christian" Book Stores to China for slave labor to make for "Christians". How many Artists, company holders, authors, etc etc have their things made in China???

It should make us angry. We should write these "Artists" and ask WHY?

This one savage nation's government should be #1 on our prayer list.

There's much more I would like to say on this - especially where our nation is so in debt to China, we may as well say that China owns us because we've turned a blind eye for so many decades to how China treats all their people.

We Enabled what we read in this article, as the Nation of the United States and all the martyrs there and elsewhere will fall upon our heads - as it's been in our power from the beginning, since we call ourselves a super-power - to put an end to all of this, Around the Entire Globe -- instead of sending our money and power to where it need not be.

We COULD HAVE been the force for GOOD in this world and not export the hate and filth that we have instead.

Even so, Come LORD Jesus!

 2011/4/5 13:05

 Re: Increase in Chineese Persecution

In reading the report I had to ask why the increase in persecution in China? Could it be that the Chineese church is the fastest growong church in the world ? Could it be the enemy sees the vibrant Chinerse church as a threat to his domain. The Chinerse believers have a vision to take the gospel back to Jerusalem. Certainly with such a vision the devil is not going to sit be and see his kingdom raided. We need to pray that God will advance his kingdom purposes through the growth of the Chineese church. Anytime the church has been persersecuted she had grown. This happened when Mao Tse Tong kicked the western missionaries out in 1949. The Chineese church grew. I believr it will happen with this new increase of persecution.

 2011/4/5 16:00

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