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 I have seen four clouds with letters in the lead

codices. I was woken from sleep to see the third cloud. It formed from thin white cloud on a black sky near a moom four phases passed full and lit up when it was beside the Moon. There was seven letters in the cloud and they relate to the first eight verses of the bible book of Revelation. nicholasbiblelife on facebook and youtube.
GOd has loved his creation so much that he has shown us what to do now until the day Jesus returns. THe fourth cloud was a huge J with seven points and a twoedged sword point laid across the exact middle.
The four clouds are about our salvation and redemption to Yahweh and what to do with scripture to magnify Yahweh in this time. And indeed, forever.

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 Re: I have seen four clouds with letters in the lead

Always very interesting stuff to read about. Sadly though, it will take much time to prove anything in regard to this stuff. You can't just Google the results :-)

Jimmy H

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