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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Meltdown in Japan. Radiation 10,000,000 times above normal.

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 Meltdown in Japan. Radiation 10,000,000 times above normal.

Emergency workers at Japan's stricken nuclear plant flee from one of the troubled reactors after official warns radioactivity is 10 million times higher than normal, as protesters fearing spread of radiation hold a rally against nuclear plants.
Fox News

"And the waters were made bitter...[chernobyl]...and many men died."

 2011/3/27 8:20

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 Re: Meltdown in Japan. Radiation 10,000,000 times above normal.

I just read an update of that article, and they actually are saying that the reading was a fluke, and it isn't nearly that high. I'm never sure if I believe them 100%, but I hope that was the case.

 2011/3/27 9:21Profile

 Pride, deflecting and denying; after Pride, comes a ....

I saw the update Grant,and hope all is well, though my feeling about the leadership over Japan's Nuclear agency has been that they have been shady, at best.

Deflect and deny has been the order of the day, and I imagine some of it is to save face, and to avoid National panic.

Never-the-less, this was an issue that needed to be addressed with transparency thirty minutes after the Tsunami struck, and worldwide help summoned.

In this, Japan has failed miserably, and the consequences could be catastrophic.
Japan could yet be humbled, even more.

 2011/3/27 9:50

 Long term evacuations in Japan. 27,000 total probably dead

More news about the severity of the meltdown. Long term evacuations in Japan.

The horror in Japan continues...

May the Lord Jesus show himself there.

 2011/4/1 5:06

 Re: Long term evacuations in Japan. 27,000 total probably dead

this is an overhead sattelite map, set to view Cesium 137

i've been watching this since day one, and its just getting worse, the authorities are not being straight.

i guess they dont want people to panic, but truth is always better, no matter how dire.

its kind of sad, because i've always been pro nuclear power generation, and its obvious now, that there is no margin for "error" in electrical generation with nuclear power plants, and this disaster just put a nail thru the heart of future plants

in fact, this disaster could spell REAL doom for the island of Japan...indeed, our prayers are needed.

 2011/4/1 11:27


Staying in deep prayer for Japan and praying we all will.
It's not just the radiation that's the biggest threat - it's the continuing quakes and shifting of the plates beneath them. Some are saying that the whole island can potentially go under. It's time to really beg GOD for mercy for them. I do not believe this is an "act of GOD".
There's enough evidence out there, that it is not, so they need our continuing prayers desperately.

 2011/4/7 22:34


I read today that the leak of radioactive water into the Pacific had been plugged but still concerns over contaminated water backing up. At present the workers are injecting nitrogen into the reactors to counter the hydrogen explosions. But still much prayer is needed for Japan.

 2011/4/8 17:39

 Japan Nuke disaster now rated equal with Chernobyl....Disaster.

Japan's Nuke disaster now rated a 7....equal with a new crack was found that has been leaking radioactive water in the sea.

This caused the body of scientists who rate those things to increase the alarm danger of the very worst possible.....a form of meltdown.

This is not good news for the worldwide fishing industry. Revelation speaks about 1/3rd of the waters being poisoned, and then all of the oceans dying; serious stuff today.

 2011/4/12 9:25

 Re: Meltdown in Japan. Radiation 10,000,000 times above normal.

I heard on the radio yesterday early evening (UK), there had been a fresh 7.4 aftershock, but I couldn't find a written report on it online.

 2011/4/12 9:44

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