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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


“What is that to thee? follow thou me.” (John 21:22)

The Lord Jesus had just told Peter that he would live to be an old man, and then die a martyr’s death. Peter immediately looked across at John and wondered out loud if John would receive preferred treatment. The Lord’s reply was, “What is that to thee? follow thou Me.”

Peter’s attitude reminds us of the words of Dag Hammar-skjold: “In spite of everything, your bitterness because others are enjoying what you are denied is always ready to flare up. At best it may lie dormant for a couple of sunny days. Yet, even at this unspeakably shabby level, it is still an expression of the real bitterness of death—the fact that others are allowed to go on living.

If we would take to heart the words of the Lord, they would solve many a problem among Christian people.

It is so easy to become resentful when we see others prospering more than we are. The Lord allows them to have a new home, a new car, a cottage by the lake.

Others whom we might consider less devoted have good health while we battle two or three chronic ailments.

That other family has fine looking children who excel in athletics and in academics. Our children are the common, garden variety.

We see other believers doing things that we don’t have liberty to do. Even if the things are not sinful, we become resentful at their liberty.

Sad to say, there is a certain amount of professional jealousy among Christian workers. One preacher is offended because another is more popular, has more friends, is more in the public eye. Or another is piqued because his colleague uses methods he does not approve.

To all of these unworthy attitudes, the words of the Lord come with striking forcefulness, “What is that to thee? follow thou me.” How the Lord deals with other Christians is really none of our business. Our responsibility is to follow Him in whatever pathway He has marked out for us.

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