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 AiG Kicked Out of Two Homeschool Conferences

Answers in Genesis, recognized as one of the strongest advocates for homeschooling in America, has been kicked out of two homeschool conventions where AiG President Ken Ham had been scheduled to speak. In addition, AiG as an exhibitor has also been expelled. One of the conferences is being held in our “backyard”: at the Cincinnati Convention Center.

So why has AiG been disinvited from the “Great Homeschool Conventions” (March 31–April 2 in Cincinnati) and also near Philadelphia (June 23–25)? Have the organizers accused AiG of promoting anti-biblical teaching and thus have voided its contract with us?

In an email to Ken Ham, the leader of this homeschool group wrote to us (just after midnight last night) to announce its decision. Sadly, the leader of this group did not personally call Ken or anyone at AiG first, nor did anyone on his board, to make sure they got the full background. Just as a ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: AiG Kicked Out of Two Homeschool Conferences

Thanks for providing the link.

So he got banned for this:

"We often find today that if we speak against someone’s theological compromise, we are accused of being “un-Christian” or “unloving.” This is a bigger topic for another time, but for the moment let us state that we need to understand what the Bible means by “love.” It does not mean one doesn’t publicly stand against error."

Seems Dr. Enns has more powerful friends than Dr. Ham.

 2011/3/26 9:25

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 Re: AiG Kicked Out of Two Homeschool Conferences

"Christianity Today" reported on this incident at

Might make for an informative reading.

Sandra Miller

 2011/3/26 9:47Profile


Good read, Ginny.

"Ham was not removed for his message about young-earth creation, which the conference organizers agree with, Dean wrote in a public explanation. "Dr. Ham was removed for his spirit not for his message," Dean wrote. "We believe Christian scholars should be heard without the fear of ostracism or ad hominem attacks."

Basically, it came to a head and it looks like the conference organizers wanted to put a stop to open attacks against another conference presenter DURING THE CONFERENCE.

They chose to keep the one that was not attacking. It seems Dr. Enns was not attacking or criticising Dr. Ham during the conference, but rather it was the other way around.

 2011/3/26 10:06

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I haven't read anything yet, but Ken Ham is far more mild than Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and John the Baptist.


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You are going to get a lot of different people in homeschooling these days. It's not just Christian, anymore, or a certain Christian belief at that.

There is more and more "mixture" infiltrating the "Christian" Homeschool Conferences.

By the way, Yale and Harvard used to be very Christian institutions.

Thanks for the quote by Peter Enns. I don't personally agree with that, but I can see why the organizers of the conference had to stop one-sided public feud.

Of course we only know what we read and are not privy to any other inside information or dynamics. I will be interested to read Ken Ham's public statement when he comes out with it.

By the way, Susan Bauer (The Well Trained Mind) is a "powerbroker" in the Homeschool world and it was mentioned that she sells Peter Enns materials and is at this conference, too. I thought that was interesting.

Her material is excellent. We have some of her stuff. Her "History of the World" is wonderful.

 2011/3/26 10:31

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