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 Guns in church

The Arkansas House of the State assembly passed a bill that would allow concealed weaponj permit holders to carry their weapons to church. The bill was sponsored by evangelicals. Any thoughts on this? Blaine in Little Rock.

 2011/3/25 14:34

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 Re: Guns in church

Constitutionally this never should have had to be voted on as the right to keep and bear arms is granted to every legal citizen of the United State.

Looking at this bill from a church standpoint they are private institutions where the government has no right to intrude anyway. In my opinion it should be up to the local congregation if they will be concealed carry friendly or not.

Spiritually speaking I have no problem with a person carrying a weapon for their own personal protection. I believe that our peace should be of the Lord and we should feel safe in His care wherever we are at. The issue of peace and protection are two different things. I guess for me it comes down to why am I carrying? If I need a weapon to be at peace then I will never have what I seek. If I am just exercising my constitutional/and natural right to protect self and family from criminals I see no problem there either.

Sorry this is not a very deep answer if you were wanting to go another route but this is my first feelings upon reading your post.


 2011/3/25 15:08Profile

 Re: Guns in church

any thoughts?

ummm, first thought....i gotta stop reading this forum, and keep my eyes on Jesus.

i got to stop reading this forum.


 2011/3/25 15:08

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 Re: Guns in church

I don't know about guns - I personally prefer to carry my sword to church :)


Patrick Ersig

 2011/3/25 15:34Profile


My thoughts exactly Patrick.

 2011/3/25 17:06


Amen brother. I need to be more in my New Testament then on this forum it seems.

 2011/3/25 17:08

 Re: Washad

Brother thanks for your insights. What is disheartening is not so much what the Ark. House passed as the church feels such a need for this bill. The testimony from supporters said the bill was needed for protection. One has to wonder if this is not trusting in the arm of the flesh. Is Christ not capable of protecting his church.

 2011/3/25 17:19


Maybe if they brought guns to Church and told the Pastor - "Preach a good sermon or else....." - we'd have Sudden Revival.

Hope ya know I'm joking. I hate guns. Just needed to laugh a little.

 2011/3/26 23:37


I see humor in that, Jesus-is-God.

By the way, I have followed Voice of the Martyrs, (which Richard Wurmbrand started), since they were called "Jesus To The Communist World, Inc.) in the 70's. Richard Wurmbrand has been very instrumental in raising the level of consciousness of Western Believers to our persecuted brethren in many countries. He taught a strong message of loving your persecutor and he lived that example.

With that said, I met a Nigerian Pastor once, in the 80s, in Connecticut. He was invited to our Church. I was one that drove him around where he needed to go. During the course of many of our conversations, he told me that Muslims would overrun Christian villages and burn houses and kill Christians (and worse). I asked him what he would do and he said that they would defend themselves and would fight back. I said, "even to kill the Muslims" and he emphatically said, "YES"!

 2011/3/26 23:59

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 Re: Guns in church

Perhaps instead of a free coffee mug and pen as a first time attender free gift they would give you the choice of a gunrack or a gunlock.

This might make a church board meeting bearable to attend :). Target practice at the range afterwards of course.

Matthew Guldner

 2011/3/27 4:19Profile

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