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 6.8 Burma earthquake 24th Mar, 2011

Burma earthquake sends shockwaves across Thai border

Damage in Burma unknown but magnitude 6.8 earthquake sparks panic in Chiang Rai and Bangkok on Thai side.


This earthquake was quite shallow, and felt over a very wide area of land mass.

 2011/3/25 6:49

 Re: 6.8 Burma earthquake 24th Mar, 2011

EDIT: Sorry Greg, I see how many links I've included here. Please feel free to delete. However, they add to our understanding of 'earthquakes in divers places' (Mark 13:8). end edit.

Here is an interesting page about earthquakes in this region.

I'm amazed not to have heard more about them. They seem frequent, and there was a 6.4 as recently as February this year. It seems to be sparsely poplutated and hilly on the Myanmar side. Perhaps the minimal damage and no loss of life makes them appear less newsworthy.

Another report from Myanmar states there was a 7 earthquake 140 miles below the surface about 90 minutes after the 6.8. They describe the larger earthquake as an 'aftershock', but there are many quite strong 'tremors' at this fault, according to the above article.

(My pc won't open the pages with embedded video, so I haven't seen the full reports, or been able to estimate if they overlap.)

 2011/3/26 7:41

 Re: Another one???????

Haiti, Chilies, New Zealand, Japan, and now Burma. Uh folks God saying something here????

 2011/3/26 12:53

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