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 Brian McLaren Defends Rob Bell against Mohler's Critique

Controversial evangelical pastor Brian McLaren has come to the defense of Rob Bell, taking on R. Albert Mohler, Jr.'s critical review of Bell’s new book, Love Wins, in a recent blog post.

Anticipating Bell's "baptism in hot water" with the book's publication, McLaren said he was waiting for an opportunity to speak up on behalf of his friend and Mohler's March 16 blog post gave him that chance.

For weeks, evangelical leaders have hammered Bell for his views on heaven and hell as expressed in his new book Love Wins. Bell is accused of being a universalist, dismissing the sacrifice of Jesus’ death on the cross, and not believing in hell, among other things. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2011/3/23 15:48Profile

 Re: ?

Why on earth are these folks calling McLaren an "evangelical pastor" ?

Turn off any Pop-up blocker for this one --

He's neither!

 2011/3/23 16:08

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Let them play. The less attention you give them, the more likely they are to go away.

Jimmy H

 2011/3/23 18:43Profile

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Luke 9:60
Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and preach the kingdom of God.”

 2011/3/23 18:54Profile

Joined: 2003/5/8
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Charlotte, NC



Jimmy H

 2011/3/23 19:15Profile


The ONLY reason we should expose these things is for others.

Our minds should be continually on others.

A babe in Christ will be spared experimenting and wasting a lot of time with being confused if we'd just Speak Up when deception is in view.

What of the person who just been saved in these days?

Is there time for them to "find out for themselves" about the multitude of false prophets and teachers around these days?

Whenever I see gross error, my very first thought is who Jesus called "the lambs" and what He told Peter to do... "tend my lambs"

A true shepherd Protects the sheep. Swats error as fast as one would take a fly-swatter to a fly. Nips it in the bud ... 'as soon as' it shows up within a fellowship and most especially for the young in Christ and for the unsaved that are searching for truth.

My conviction is, if there is just one lamb reading these forums - we should always stay in the protection mode for their sakes.

To let error go by without us saying anything about it is Just As bad as letting sin go by in the same way. Paul regarded doctrine and lifestyle on equal footing before Him.
He regards the call to both a consecrated life and sound doctrine to be one and the same.

 2011/3/24 13:12

 Re: Brian McLaren Defends Rob Bell against Mohler's Critique

before i begin my post, let me just state for the record, that i've never bought, nor read any books by either McLaren or Bell.

not because everyone said these two are "emergent heretics" or whatever charges are hurled that way, i'm just not interested nor lead to read their words. in fact i have little interest in reading Protestant "talmudic" stuff.

The Bible has 66 Books in it, quite a Sufficient Font to feast on, though i've picked up on Tozer at a dear brother's leading. (along with reading "Brainerd" multiple times, and quite fond of Bonhoeffer, i must admit.)

but there was one response of McLaren's to Mohler that was SPOT ON, and defy anyone on this forum to refute the truth in this statement:


On the final point of argument, McLaren said he actually agrees with Mohler's statement that "a secular society feels no need to attend or support secularized churches with a secularized theology."

But he is quick to note that Mohler might be confusing secularism with liberalism.

"To more and more of us these days, conservative Evangelical/fundamentalist theology looks and sounds more and more like secular conservatism - economic and political - simply dressed up in religious language," said McLaren.

its the truth.

 2011/3/24 13:40


Had you taken the time to get to know McLaren, you would not be looking for a candy bar in a septic tank.

You'd be more concerned about PROTECTING the young!

Edit to add: There have been countless posts about him over the years here on SI. You wouldn't have had to even go far to learn about this man.

 2011/3/24 13:46


In case you think that I've been too harsh to call what McLaren believes as the septic tank, I will tell you that I am only coining a similar phrase from a highly esteemed and respectable elderly Missionary-Greek Professor who literally gave his very life [died] for the Christians in India.

His phrase was just a tad different and I only re-phrased it to be more polite ... but he said that if we look for one good saying from the multitude of sayings/teachings of a heretic - it's like "taking a candy bar out of a river of urine" ..... so I felt the need to soften that saying of his - though because of his great love for his students, maybe I shouldn't have needed to soften his words.

 2011/3/24 14:12


You'd be more concerned about PROTECTING the young!

are writing that to me?

 2011/3/24 14:22

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