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 Re: prophets and seeing into the future

This may be a side note from the main idea, so please forgive me ahead of time.

Paul (in the bible Paul) always referred to himself in terms like "Paul, servant of God called to be an apostle". I look at the prophet in the same way. Paul saw his "title" as servant but his function as apostle. When I see somebody who's "title" is prophet so-and-so, I see somebody who needs humility and does not understand his function.

Having said that, I have seen and heard many "great" men,as have all of us, but no prophets yet. Not to say they do not exist. I think we all want to believe they do.



 2011/3/13 5:57Profile

 "A gift, from Someone someone else."

The Lord has taken me ahead in time several times; in the Spirit , and shown me things to come. These include the "End of the American Dream" financial collapse that we now are entering into....given to me in 2003...and the coming war and invasion of America,[1996-7] and the coming Glory that will be given to the Church....and the astonishing authority that she shall possess.

These were all accompanied by the audible Word of the Lord....and His manifest Presence. You can find the "End of the American Dream here on SI...and much of the entirety of them to date here:

I have had these experiences, along with a great degree of separation from things for 40 years. I have entered into the 40th year this month.

1st of all...prophesy in itself is simply a gift to the church.....from God to His own....and should have no bearing on the spirituality of the messenger. Herein is the rub. The Pride of man to consider himself above.....and the Pride of people to exalt man above.

They go together...remember Saul....the people wanted a king, and the king wanted lordship.

Am I a prophet? I don't know...and in one sense I don't care....I am what I am...and in the end, fear God and want to enter into Heaven at my death unashamed. I fail more than I succeed. I have gifts. They are not to exalt me, they are for another.

2ndly: All prophesies are to be judged..."Let the prophets prophesy, and the others judge." Even if you were a prophet,,,it does not give you a carte-blanche handle on Truth. You may still be deceived...[Remember the great apostle Peter and the Judaizers...]

I think the calling of a prophet is down under, not on the throne above. I think that sorrow and suffering are commensurate to the calling...IE: ...misery. This secures what cannot be secured in any other way; empathy, Godly love, and humility. If you are called to the are called to be crushed....and rejected at a level that most cannot and will never comprehend. consider Jeremiah; read Lamentations.

In the end, there was so much love and compassion for God's people, that he willingly followed them into Egypt knowing he would die there with his people. He had the whole land before him. This is where God wants to bring those with prophetic callings. It is not just a flashy gift...It is carrying His Word right along with carrying His heart.


 2011/3/13 8:56

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