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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : fifth largest quake of all time rocks Japan

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get that malware, phishing link off this forum, you son of the devil!

marytr, i sure hope you aint playing cyber games with this forum.

 2011/3/28 0:29


Have I offended you in sone way? I am a believer who prays for the lost and the persecuted. That includes Japan. Why the ugly remark. It is not in keeping with the spirit of Eph.4:29-30

 2011/3/28 18:45


my apologies as it seemed you responded to a rebuke the poster "CLINTONSMITH" was given. this poster only had 1 post and attached a dubious link, please forgive me, as i thought you might be using two "handles".

i'm verry sorry and hope the moderators remove this poster's link.


 2011/3/28 21:06

 Re: martyr

Brother Natan4Jesus I love your heart. I apologize to you for over reacting. Seens like the enemy is creating disunity among the true saints. My deepest apologies and God's richest blessings to you. Blaine aka Martyr

 2011/3/29 12:12

 Re: fifth largest quake of all time rocks Japan

There's an item in yahoo news today, about a light which was seen pulsing (video links included) when the 7.1 (?) aftershock hit last Thursday (two days ago).

 2011/4/9 9:21

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 Re: light pulsing

Hi Alive-to-God,

There have been occurrences of a blue light coming from the power plant. They said it was radiation. I forget exactly the term used but it's not a good thing.

It can only be by God's power that this can end well for Japan and the World. Man has really made a big mess.



 2011/4/9 10:09Profile

 Re: fifth largest quake of all time rocks Japan

Hi White_Stone,

Thanks for your comment.

Earlier in the thread, following a lead from Brothertom, I looked up Chernobyl and the possibility of light coming from radio-active sources. I found out this (posted on p4),

'I was interested in the connection to the word 'star', and found out there is a blue glow from radioactive material which was researched by a scientist called Pavel Alekseyevich Cherenkov, (or Cerenkov), for which he won the Nobel Prize.'

That being so, might it be disingenuous of scientists to say they don't 'know' what caused the light on that day?

One thought I had in mitigation, is that God may have done something in answer to prayer, which made what was seen that day, truly unusual.

The collision of matter and anti-matter causes light. Maybe this could explain 'earthquake lights' in non-nuclear situations. We may never know, though.

 2011/4/9 10:24

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It can only be by God's power that this can end well for Japan and the World. Man has really made a big mess.

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