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 Egypt – Beginning to rebuild

Egypt – Beginning to rebuild
emlynsubi | March 7, 2011 at 5:08 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:

Here are some extracts from the latest update from Ramez Atallah, General Director of The Bible Society of Egypt and Chair of Scripture Union Egypt:

Dear friends around the world,

How can we at the Bible Society thank you for your many notes, prayers and generous response to our request for prayer and financial support to help spread God’s Word during these difficult days in Egypt!?


Our “Rebuild Egypt" campaign, which I wrote to you about in my last newsletter, is well underway. We have been able to put “Rebuild Egypt“ ads on the front page of the four major daily newspaper listing Biblical values as the building blocks needed, and are preparing banners to be placed on the outside of more than 100 churches in Egypt (see sample on left). We are also working on a series of highway billboards with the same theme. We are also distributing 300,000 Nehemiah Scripture selections which challenge Christians to participate in the rebuilding of the nation, as well as a leaflet of “Comfort and Hope” encouraging people to believe that this revolution, though a real surprise to many, was not a surprise to God and that He is still on the throne and still in control. We have a variety of plans to penetrate the electronic social media (facebook, youtube, twitter, web-pages etc.) with God’s Word, knowing that this is an essential aspect of everything that is happening now.


The current situation in Egypt, though much more stable than many other countries in the region, has nevertheless been somewhat chaotic. For the first time in our history, banks were closed for a whole week. The stock market has been closed since January 28. Tourism has just about come to a halt and hundreds of thousands of Egyptians working in the tourist industry find themselves virtually unemployed. Some schools just reopened after two extra weeks off, universities are still closed, and only a small percentage of the police have returned to their responsibilities.

In hopes of doing our part to help rebuild the economy, the Bible Society is also working on a campaign to encourage people to “Visit Egypt: Land of the Bible” visited by Joseph and his brothers, Moses, Jeremiah, Jesus and at least 8 other key Bible personalities! During this whole revolution there has been no attack on foreigners in Egypt and tourism rates at this time are a real bargain!


Of course the most serious and devastating situation in the whole Middle East is that of neighboring Libya, with thousands killed and thousands more injured without access to sufficient medical care…

With hundreds of thousands of Egyptian workers fleeing Libya, this again is putting an additional strain on the Egyptian economy as people who used to send back money to their relatives are now coming back, many of them penniless. Our dream is to have our special Scripture campaign spill over into Libya once the situation changes there.


Please continue to pray for us as we spread God’s Word across Egypt during this window of unprecedented opportunity. We don’t know what the future holds but we do know that we have more freedom than ever before and want to responsibly use it.

Thank you for partnering with us for the past many years and now standing with us particularly during this time of crisis.



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